I Neeed An EEE PC!

i think this is going to be a present for myself when i get back to school. once i finish up the websites i’m working on, i’m putting $500 (or maybe a bit more) into savings and not letting myself touch it. then i’ll splurge a bit and get one. might change my mind about it once i get back to boone, but we’ll see. i keep running into advertisements for them and it is SO hard to resist. damn marketing.

i need to get a kitchen table and a coffee table for the living room before i go buying toys, though. it will be nice to finally have my own furniture. my roommate moved out and my apartment is completely empty. BUT… we did get the new carpeting in which freaking rocks. olivia (my new roommate, she is so funny, crazy little short korean chick) called me this afternoon all excited because she went to check out the apartment and immediately took her shoes off and started squishing around in the NEW SHAG CARPET WE GOT!!! nobody told us we were getting shag carpet, but i am so pumped. i want to get in the car and drive to boone right now just to walk around barefoot. :lovestruck: god, i can’t wait.

i went to the pool yesterday to lay out (totally didn’t know there was a pool behind our building) and called jill to say hi. she informed me that olivia’s 21st birthday is the weekend of the 23rd (weekend adam and i are going up to boone to move me back in) so jill and mykke will be coming up to party with us as well. i’m super excited.

i went to the pool again today to lay out so adam could sleep in quiet until 3 (he has seriously had the worst past 4 weeks ever, it’s unbelievable how he has such bad luck). i was also going to just relax and read my book (not really that easy, as it turns out, to relax while reading slow death and holy crap, parenthesis everywhere in this post) but there were 2 hispanic guys who were probably about 16 years old flailing around in the pool singing this god awful spanish love song at the top of their lungs in “harmony”. when i say harmony, i mean it sounded like cats and hamsters loudly being strangled to their death. i wanted to kick them both in the head. at least i got a tan.

i came home, showered, did the dishes, cleaned up the apartment, fed the zoo, and brought adam breakfast in bed (tater tots & beer FTW!!!).

back to work. and watching tapout. and vegging out on the couch for the remainder of the evening. :razz: