Remember This Day

caylin turns 9 tomorrow. i still can't wrap my head around it. she was a baby a month ago.

i am so unbelievably proud of this girl. she is such a bright light. such a sweet, kind soul, and an amazing big sister.

we woke up around 6, or they did, actually. i snuggled ella in bed til 7 while caylin and zoey played with balloons in their room.

they watched movies in my bed while i made breakfast. chocolate chip waffles (caylin's request) with whipped cream and sprinkles, and lots of berries and bananas.

we played with balloons and blasted music and they danced and sang and ran around.

we played the hackin packin alpaca game. it was a riot, and we all got spit on.

our day had barely begun and caylin already yelled, "this is the best birthday ever!" ❤️

we got our bathing suits on and sunscreened up and went to the pool--only ones there. i threw all of them in over and over again. chased them all around the pool, tickling and tossing. caylin spent a lot of time flipping the girls around and around, such a good big sister.

we came home and turned the sprinkler on, got the chalk and buckets and toys out and played in the driveway til they were whooped.

baths and showers for everyone--time to get cozy.

my mom came over for the birthday party. more movies, coloring, balloons, and presents. pizza showed up around 1. caylin specifically requested cicis mac and cheese pizza.

we all sang happy birthday to caylin, and she blew out the candles. cake and ice cream and cake pops were devoured in minutes.

the 5 of us snuggled back up on the couch to watch the rest of vivo until the twins got restless and went back to beating everyone up with balloons.

caylin broke in her new heelies shoes and set up all her toys. we played with her new microscope and examined ALL THE THINGS. so much fun.

mom left and the girls and i went to publix to get cupcakes for caylin to take to school tomorrow. we came home and played until caylin went to dinner with her dad. the twins and i went on bike rides.

we goofed around for a couple hours--puzzles, movies, snuggles, and balloons.

caylin came home and we played the hackin packin alpaca game once again. we all got pajamas on and crammed in my bed for snuggles and a movie.

the twins went to sleep, and i promised caylin we'd do clay together. she made me a present--a "hacker" sculpture, it's perfect. she made a donut with sprinkles while i made a snake with a pickle. we set up her new galaxy lamp, i tucked her in, and now they're all asleep.

i'm sitting downstairs on the couch with thor, just thinking about how much fun today was.

sure, there was whining. there were some meltdowns. but these girls and i played all day, and i got to love on all of them all day long.

before she went to bed, she asked me, "can we just start today over again?"

i wish, babygirl. i wish. every time.

i can't believe how much i love them.

happy birthday, to my beautiful caylin.