Be A Kid

i sat down to meditate tonight, and i always get emotional around my girls' birthdays.

tonight was no different.

we're celebrating big sister's birthday tomorrow, and i've been prepping since thursday night.

but when i sat down and listened tonight, i realized that more than anything, i need to JOIN THEM tomorrow.

everything else is done. so tomorrow, the only other thing that matters besides me loving on those girls as much as possible, is being a kid with them.

i was setting their plates, and i bought 4 of those rubber popper fidget things (didn't come in a 3 pack). initially i just put them on the girls' plates.

but i realized--i need to be 9 tomorrow, too. so i gave myself one on my plate.

not that the toy itself matters, because it doesn't, but tomorrow i'm going to be part of the party, not just capturing it.

we're going swimming, we're gonna eat pizza and watch whatever movies we want no matter how many times we've seen it, we're gonna devour some llama cake and ice cream, tear open some presents, and slumber party it up tomorrow.

they're growing up way too fast, and i'm not missing out on any of it. i am so grateful to have these girls in my life.


be patient
be present
show them love