Quick And Dirty!

brett and i were walking around the apartment/townhouse complex yesterday and realized we are one of the ‘ugly’ properties around this place. we have nothing that makes our place stand out besides a worn out doormat and the kitchen curtains, which you can only see at night when the black light from the fish tank shines through.


and then he was like… “we need flowers. i like flowers!” and i actually had to stop and think about what just happened. i think it may have been shock.

and then i got really excited because, for the first time EVER, i was actually going to plant flowers, and he was actually willing to help me.

and i can’t think of anything more fun to do on a saturday than playing in outside in the dirt and the sprinkler with my boyfriend.

we got up around 10, showered (in hindsight, we shouldn’t have showered, it was hot as hell today), and drove the 1.5 mile drive to home depot (badass part about where we live–everything we need except work is within a 2 mile radius, seriously).

i dropped a killer $140 on flowers. so i am going to be ungodly PISSED if they die.

but they look beautiful, and i think we did a pretty good job for first time flower planters.

[![digging holes and taking names](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12286-300x225.jpg "digging holes and taking names")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12286.jpg) [![this is proof that i was there](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12288-300x225.jpg "this is proof that i was there")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12288.jpg) [![loki helped](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12290-300x225.jpg "loki helped")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12290.jpg) [![almost done](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12293-300x225.jpg "almost done")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12293.jpg) [![fun with the hose](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12294-300x225.jpg "fun with the hose")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12294.jpg) [![the finished product](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12296-300x225.jpg "the finished product")](/content/images/2011/04/SDC12296.jpg)
the pictures make it look like brett did all the hard work, and i only did the watering. but i assure you, when i was not taking pictures, i was right there digging holes and sweating my ass off alongside him.

it was awesome.