Minor Fails, Multiple Successes

a week or 2 ago, i bought tickets for brett and i to go see kevin hart here in charleston. if you’ve never seen any of his stand up, DO IT. anyway, the show was AWESOME. neither of us had ever been to a comedy show before–way better than watching it on TV. definitely better than youtube. so… yeah. that was a win.

[![kevin hart](/content/images/2011/04/IMAG0523-300x179.jpg "kevin hart")](/content/images/2011/04/IMAG0523.jpg)
this is the only picture i have since they were absolute nazis about ANY photos being taken.

downfall? brett got stuck sitting next to THE largest woman in the entire theater. disclaimer: this isn’t about her being large–don’t care. it’s about seating arrangements and simple math. and it WOULD be fine, if he wasn’t already like 6’4″ and 230 pounds. dude is not small. and he doesn’t fit well in small places. and the chairs were pretty small. I THOUGHT they were small, and that should say something. so brett was squished up leaning on me the entire night and came out with his back hurting.

then… today. i got to work, and everything i had done yesterday CRASHED overnight. totally crashed. so i had to start all over. whatever–don’t really care that much. it’s just annoying. 200+ GB files like to take their sweet time.

i left work early because i wanted to get some stuff together for next week. i’m going to take my RHCE class in raleigh FINALLY and will be gone all week, so i wanted to make sure brett didn’t starve while i was gone.

not that i think he really would, because we have food. but i know that if i leave him with the option of a stouffer’s frozen lasagna in the freezer, he won’t make anything else unless it’s like… kraft pasta salad. and he probably won’t eat anything green. and since we’ve been trying to be better about eating good food lately, i’ll do my part.

so i decided to make him his lunches for every day next week. if he really wanted to, he would do it himself. he does on occasion, but i know it’s the last thing on his mind in the morning, and he’d say screw it and go buy lunch instead. i’m kind of the same way, but i have more motivation when it’s not MINE. and i like doing nice things for him.

so i went to the grocery and loaded up on.. uhh.. everything. frozen pizza, salad, fruits, yogurt, granolar bars, milk, cheese/crackers, everything.

came home, and whipped out the mayo, cheese, all the cold cuts, and all the bread. i made him a bag lunch for every day next week. lunch problem solved.

cut up enough romaine and tomatoes to make salads for a week, threw it in a huge salad spinner. veggie problem solved.

deep fried like 30 chicken wings and made hot wings for him to munch on while i’m gone. munchy problem solved.

dude is SET, and barely has to lift a finger or spend a dime for the next week. feeling pretty good.

then i went to get the wine out of my truck and dropped it in the driveway. glass shattered EVERYWHERE, stench of wine is just wafting all over the place.

meanwhile, all the new flowers are wilting and dying, so i got brett to water them while i did errands.

AND our neighborhood/complex hired guys to put pine needles around all the trees and bushes in the neighborhood, and instead of neatly placing them around each item, they kind of HURLED untied bails of it instead, and it’s like walking into the wild west gone horribly wrong with tumble-weeds of pine straw strewn about, rolling down the streets. it was windy today. it looks so terrible. and hilarious.

and when i was at wal-mart earlier, i bought thor a cat tree. it’s actually over 7 feet tall, i think. it was only $40 so i got it, since every other one i’ve seen is at least $100, if not waaay more. came home and put it together and he won’t even go near it yet. so i covered it in catnip, hoping he’ll warm up to it eventually.

[![thor](/content/images/2011/04/IMAG0525-179x300.jpg "thor")](/content/images/2011/04/IMAG0525.jpg)
look. of. death.

i also bought a new snail because i think one of mine is broken. the label said he was a ‘black mystery snail’ and that he eats algae. the other 2 eat algae. this one does not. i don’t think he is a vegetarian. he eats BETA FISH FOOD and the fish bowl gets green like 15x faster than the other 2 fish bowls. so i bought him a brother. hoping this fixes the problem.

brett has not come up with a quarterback name for this one yet.

i guess the best part of today was dinner, which i tweeted about earlier. and it was SO DAMN GOOD. i almost never make things that i like so much that i eat until i’m full, but the pioneer woman was spot on (always is, but this was a home run) with her recipes. i didn’t measure anything to her specifics because usually my foods turn out better when i just wing it, and it worked. best chicken i’ve had in a while, and the fluffy taters were almost too much to handle.

[![dinner](/content/images/2011/04/277618166-300x179.jpg "dinner")](/content/images/2011/04/277618166.jpg)
showered after making dinner. worked on websites until i got sidetracked writing this. animals are going apeshit as i type and the cat has STILL not touched the new cat tree. stupid cat. went to get a 3rd shot of whiskey and poured it all over the counter. UUUAARRGGH.

there is so much spilt alcohol on/around this apartment on a fairly regular basis. i hope no one can ever smell it.