So Excited I Forgot To Blog

i can’t believe i’m about to write this.

this weekend, brett asked me to marry him, and it was everything and nothing like i imagined it would be.

mostly because it was completely unexpected. we’ve talked about it on more than one occasion, and i’ve always told him the same thing–whenever you’re ready. no rush. don’t do anything you don’t want to do. it will happen when it feels right.

and i always figured i would know that it was coming or that it would be like in the movies where it’s all rehearsed-sounding and, i don’t know, hoakey. that’s just how engagements come off in my mind, i guess.

and it wasn’t. it was perfect. it was so freaking perfect. i had no idea. it was simple, beautiful, not over the top, not cheesy–PERFECT.

we went to boone for the weekend to stay at his parents’ cabin. it had been since october since we’d been up there, so it was definitely deserved. we both missed it.

we had planned on going to macado’s and getting our usual–pitcher of beer & basket of fries. we had planned on going to hebron rock colony, but the weather didn’t really allow for that. we had planned on just relaxing at the cabin in front of the TV with the fireplace going. we also planned on going up to howard’s knob, a place i rarely went in college, mostly because of the drive up the mountain. brett hadn’t been in years, and neither had i. i was excited.

so we went up friday afternoon after dropping our stuff off at the cabin. originally, brett wanted to go at night. but the weather channel was calling for rain, and it was a little colder than we expected. he was hell bent on getting up that damn mountain, and now it makes sense. before, i just couldn’t believe how freaking excited he was to go to howard’s knob. crazy.

anyway, we got up there and i had forgotten the park was closed until may. completely forgot they did the whole seasonal thing. so we snuck in under the fence. crisis averted. it made it more fun either way. we got up to the cliff and sat down on a big ol’ rock, and just stared. i’m like a little kid in a candy store when i’m in the mountains. it is just pure bliss for me. so staring at it from a cliff just about gives me a heart attack every time. brett knows this all too well. :)

[![the view from howard's knob :) boone, nc](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12242-300x225.jpg "the view from howard's knob :) boone, nc")](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12242.jpg)
we sat for a few minutes, and brett asked me if i wanted to be with him forever. which is something i’ve heard many more times than once, and like always, i said yes.

but then he said, “good, because i brought you up here for a reason”.

and then i think my heart stopped beating. but i could feel his next to me going a mile a minute so at least one of us would make it out alive.

while he was squatted next to me, he pulled a silver band with the biggest rock i’ve ever seen on it out of his pocket, and he asked me to marry him.

simple band, beautiful setting, and one absolutely gorgeous diamond sitting on top.

[![the ring :)](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12248-300x225.jpg "the ring :)")](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12248.jpg) [![the ring :)](/content/images/2011/03/265214432-300x179.jpg "the ring :)")](/content/images/2011/03/265214432.jpg)
then i think i flat-lined, came back to life, and said YES. lord, yes. good god almighty, yes. simplest decision of my entire life.

and then i cried.

and we said i love you like 7 times.

and then he told me that he had called my dad that morning to ask for his blessing.

and the flood gates opened.

and then i think i died again.

we headed down the mountain, called our families to tell them the news, and made it facebook official.

we went to macado’s for beer and fries and played some clint black on the jukebox.

we went on a very happy, slightly drunk shopping spree down king street.

we went back to the cabin to get nice clothes for our dinner reservations at the gamekeeper. best and most expensive dinner i’ve ever had. we were so happy that we didn’t really even think about the bill at the end.

[![the gamekeeper](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12254-300x225.jpg "the gamekeeper")](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12254.jpg) [![TO DIE FOR cheesecake](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12262-300x225.jpg "TO DIE FOR cheesecake")](/content/images/2011/03/SDC12262.jpg)
i don’t even know what more to say because it was just perfect.

i am so in love with this man.