Poll: New Toy

brett and i are moving in less than a month to a new townhouse. this townhouse happens to have a huge garage. a garage means i will have a big space for a work bench, that could possibly become home to a new MIG welder and all of my necessary equipment to being welding outside of the classroom, and hopefully without any subsequent electrocution. i don’t really know what i want to make yet. i just know it will happen.

BUT. today, with a little help and inspiration from twitter, i ran across the MakerBot Cupcake CNC ultimate kit. A FREAKING TINY OPEN SOURCE 3D PRINTER. the best part about it is, i get to build it myself, allowing me to [hopefully] become better at soldering and doing crap like this that i never get to do on a daily or even yearly basis. it seems like a lot of fun. and then when it’s all said and done, i can begin making tiny little thingymajiggers of my choosing, assuming i can create a model of a miniature [whatever it is that i want to make].

i just can’t decide. i want help from the internet so that, if anything, i will know what i really want to do when someone tells me to go buy a welder and i realize that is not at all what i want to do, or vice versa. if that makes sense.

so… what do you guys think?