parental unit overload

this weekend was certainly anything but dull. adam’s mom came down from connecticut to see adam and i and our apartment. the three of us went out every night to dinner and a movie and during the day we wandered around fayetteville. friday night we went to tripps for dinner and saw a prairie home companion. it was one of those movies that put me in a really nostalgic mood and reminded me of my mom just because of the people in it and the way it was played out. maybe the music had something to do with it too. it reminded me a lot of the on and off broadway shows my mom and i would always see… definitely enjoyed it. we spent saturday afternoon at joe’s crab shack and the botanical gardens. we ended the evening with a trip to the sushi place and went to see nacho libre, freaking hilarious movie. the humor was a lot like napoleon dynamite but it was a great movie and jack black continues to be the man. and the little fat kid was so cute!!

sunday was father’s day and my dad and christine came to visit so we had quite a crowd at the apartment. i wish my mom had been able to come down too since she had mentioned the possibility but she probably enjoyed her time spent in raleigh. it was great seeing my dad and christine again since i hadn’t seen them in a couple months at least. i missed them a lot and they brought adam and i lots of goodies. adam and i proved ourselves to be pretty good hosts as we kept our company entertained for an hour and a half or so, with help from the dog, of course. i baked chocolate chip muffins (mom, i didn’t screw them up!!) and adam made coffee and his mom brought some pastry stuff and my dad and christine brought a cinnamon roll cake thing. it was almost a party. my dad and christine took us all out to tripps for lunch and then left right afterwards. they wanted to get back at a decent hour and fayetteville isn’t all that exciting really.

adam and his mom and i went to the airborne and special ops. museum downtown. since we were stuffed from lunch, it proved itself to be a super bad idea to go on the airborne simulator thing because being flung around in the seat like that and being so close to the screen gave us all the simulation of being hungover more than anything. hungover pretty bad, actually. we got sodas to settle ourselves but i didn’t get much better. i felt like crap the rest of the afternoon and we were all tired and since i was cranky i just kind of shut up so i didn’t ruin a good day. adam took us on a tour of fort bragg… i’d seen most of it already but his mom had never been here so there were lots of stops to take pictures in front of signs and drop zones and such. most of it was driving but we got out and walked a bit in some places and went to the PX to get “souveneirs”. i should’ve waited and bought the stickers i got at the museum at the PX instead because they were $.45 cheaper… oh well. i donated $1 to some charity thing and i can’t remember what it was for but it was military related so i didn’t really need to know the specifics because it would’ve been a good cause either way.

i think we got back around 7 and we were all about ready to crap out… we decided on meeting for appetizers at joe’s crab shack again and then going to see the lake house afterwards. i made adam promise he’d take me before he left for iraq so i was quite pleased with the follow through. :blush: his mom and i definitely enjoyed it. i haven’t seen many chick flicks in the past couple years so it was nice. i almost cried but i held down the lump in my throat and stopped myself so i didn’t get poked fun at the rest of the night. adam says he’s cried at one movie before so i said it would be a good idea for us to rent that particular movie and settle in on the couch with a box of ice cream and cry together… :shock: yeah right. at least he admitted to it. he didn’t cry at the lake house though since he predicted what was going to happen within the first 5 minutes like always. what a jerk.

we’ve been bums today… woke up at 3 and went to general jackson’s and then came back and we’ve been planted on the couch ever since. i cooked dinner- kielbasa, bratwurst, mashed potatoes, grapes, and the cheese that my dad and christine got us. it’s my favorite so that’s why they bought it i think and i cut it up and had it with dinner. sooo good… this was the first time i’d ever had it outside of their house. i felt almost like a traitor. i made a super good dinner, if i do say so myself.

movie tiiiimeee.. :up: