jill, i need your helmet

adam’s been in the field since thursday at 4AM so i headed home for the weekend until this afternoon. i haven’t seen a lot of people since i moved to fort bragg and i hadn’t been home since then either so it was the perfect opportunity to get out of here for a bit and see people. grainger came home on leave, too, so i’d finally get to see his crazy ass again. he and i are always home at the exact opposite times. anyway, i packed up my stuff thursday, got loki’s stuff, the laundry, loaded the car, and headed to winston. i didn’t think about the heat when i left with the dog in the car so she and i sweat like hell the whole way home. i didn’t want to run out of gas by using the A/C for the whole 2 hours so we beasted it out and had the windows down with our heads halfway out. it was a total bonding experience, haha. she was actually good and didn’t try to hide under the seats or anything and she got a lot of “aww”s and waves from people driving by. :blush:

my mom and i went to east coast wings when i got home, sooo good. we went grocery shopping so i scored a trip to the sticker machines and my mom fortunately had exactly 2 quarters in the car… :up: it says “i :heart: geeks”. i was going for the one that said blogging instead of geeks but i suppose adam could pass for a geek considering he plays WoW, guild wars, reads comics and sci fi, and all that jazz. loki and i went to thomas’s after running into an old highschool buddy of mine and then had some nachos at mi pueblo. it was a short trip to king but it was nice to have dinner with tom-ass. loki and i went home and she cuddled with me until she found something in my room to chew on.

my mom takes care of the neighborhood animals as a side job. she keeps them at our house when neighbors are out of town and she goes and feeds pets that just stay at home alone. she’s currently keeping this bichon frisse (spelling??) fluffy white ball annoying dog along with our adorable wicket and our 2 cats. adding loki to this zoo was the worst idea ever. they wouldn’t stop humping my baby girl and chasing her and she finally got used to the other dogs and learned that our cat would successfully beat the shit out of her if she kept bugging it. fun times… so i tried to take loki with me when i went places. or at least keep her in my room. in my room also means she took showers with me and acompanied me in the bathroom. my mom and i walked her around the neighborhood this afternoon…. afterwards, we decided she needs lots of practice at that because she ran around me in circles and tied me up while walking, and also ran straight into the back of my mom’s kneecaps causing them to buckle. she’s either mildly retarded, or severely uncoordinated like me.

yesterday was when all the excitement started. grainger came home finally so after hanging out at pc1zone with thomas for a while, the 3 of us went to mi pueblo again. grainger and i went to my mom’s for a bit so he could meet loki and my mom wanted to see him since it had been even longer since she’d seen him. we drove to thomas’s and in the midst of my trying to annoy everyone to make them all come out of their dark bedrooms and mingle, thomas and grainger whipped out the airsoft gun. they were shooting eachother thinking it was empty because they all shot blanks and were holding it at their own faces aiming it 2 inches away from eachother’s heads… thomas aims it at my forehead and magically, it’s loaded, and i get nailed point blank in the forehead. stacey said it looks like ringworm and i will forever have that image in my mind when i look at it in the mirror. it looks retarded and goes well with the other lumps i got from the truck incident. since thomas felt bad for shooting me, he bought me a 40oz budweiser and a bottle of bawls. it was a good night afterall. i wish my camera battery hadn’t been dead so i could’ve captured all the excitement for your viewing pleasure. next time i get hurt, i will get footage. i promise.

jill, give me your freaking bobsled helmet because i refuse to get injured again this month.

adam, come home. please. i hate you being gone so soon before you have to leave for iraq. i got the note you left me and it made me get butterfliiiessss. :blush: