this month is going to kill meee

i’m super excited about my birthday but the thought of more days passing is driving me insane. adam leaves at the end of this month and it keeps creeping up on us and i am dreading the morning he leaves so much. i’m also dreading moving all our stuff to storage and moving all my crap yet again.

plans have changed and i’m moving back to boone once i leave fayetteville after adam flies out. hopefully i’ll be able to do it in one swift move instead of having to move stuff to my mom’s and then again to boone. we’ll see what happens. i am renting out a room at my friend mark’s house. he and 2 other girls that i know will be living there so that’s pretty awesome. i have known mark since 9th grade and we’ve been friends since then so i’m sure it’ll be fun to live with these kids. i’m also a mile away from kensington where a lot of my friends are, and i’ll be back with jill and ry~ry who have the ability of keeping me sane under almost any circumstances. jill also has a helmet i can use. :biggrin: this will be the 6th time i’ve moved and i always wonder why i insist on bringing so much crap with me, but without this crap i bring, it wouldn’t be “home” enough and not nearly as comfortable as it should be.

adam was supposed to get off work early today, at 10AM. why am i not surprised that they’ve kept them until now? they will sit for hours doing nothing because there is nothing to be done on some days but they still make them sit there. what’s the point? they don’t know. i don’t know. nobody knows. it’s a mystery, and an irritating one. i was hoping he’d come home at 10 and jump into bed and we’d get to sleep for another few hours so i stayed in bed. i didn’t want to get up anyway because the past few days i’ve been up since 6AM without a good night’s sleep. our air conditioner was broken for a week. so finally i can sleep without itching, tossing, turning, and whining. and then they don’t let him come home and enjoy the coldness. what is the deal, people?!?

shawnee and i pawned a TV yesterday. it’s the TV adam bought us when we moved in so we’ve only had it a month and a half or so. it’s in the same condition as when we got it except it has a little more dust on it. it’s ungodly huge and it took our superhuman strength to get it into the back seat of my tiny saturn. i am pretty sure that my car sank 2 inches after putting it in there. we almost killed ourselves doing that, and in the midst of moving the tv, the dog got out and also tried to jump into the car. at least she didn’t run away, but it added to the already tight situation. some kid came and got the dog and put it in the apartment for us. how nice! the guys at the pawn shop were trying to be all macho and carry it on their own, and not let the other one help. they finally agreed to both carry it but i’m pretty sure that made both of them feel like wussies. idiots. we got the TV for $300 something i think. they bought it back for $100. i wasn’t too thrilled but money is money!

adam, scott, curtis, jennings, and i went to see superman last night. great movie and i want to take that little kid home. i can’t wait to see what comes out next. i won’t say anything about the movie because it just came out but everyone should see it and LIKE IT!!

i’m about to kill loki. she won’t shut up and trying to bite and chew and be a pain in the ass. i am highly irritated. if she only knew how bad i’m PMSing right now, she wouldn’t dare come near me.