mommy didn't call me hard headed for nothin'

last night adam and i went muddin and shotgun shooting out with a buddy of his… it was me and adam, his buddy hubbard and his girlfriend, hubbard’s buddy tony and his wife, and tony’s brother. we drove out to hope mill’s to the middle of nowhere and i’ve never seen a place like this before. i’ve seen places back home where friends of mine would go out muddin but this place was HUGE. it was 9-10 at night so it was pitch dark, woods all around, and we went to this pit so the guys could shoot shotguns and we all had a few beers. i was unbelievably drunk after 2 because shortly after i started drinking, i remembered the only thing i had eaten was grapes. OOPS! we took the puppy with us and she got used to the loud noises and the jerking around of the truck for a little while. then…… then things got a bit CRAZY!

tony and his wife shawnee and adam and i hopped in adam’s truck to go out on the trails. in our attempts to get as close to getting stuck as possible without actually getting stuck, we failed twice. once, hubbard had to pull adam out. we didn’t get out on the trails until about 11-11:30… and we were out there until a little after 1. it felt like quite a bit longer because in the midst of all this excitement, random pee breaks in the woods, and screaming, we were going over a pretty long series of bumps, kind of like the ones they put on those runaway truck ramps except they were spaced a little farther apart, i got flung out of my seat and smashed my head into adam’s windshield twice and cracked it. i didn’t crack my head, i cracked the windshield. my head has 2 huge lumps on it (i found the second one this morning when the dog stepped on it) and when i raise my eyebrows i can feel them move and it hurts like a sonofabitch. i am pretty sure i got lucky because i didn’t go out the window and i saved the puppy from getting hurt. i cried like hell and i’m glad i was drunk because it probably would’ve hurt worse. my neck hurts the most today… i can’t tilt my head backwards and i can’t tilt it to the right very much at all either. i have a big welt on my left leg because when i got tossed up, i came back down on either the cup holder or something on the center console because it was anything but soft. i told adam i didn’t want to go to the hospital. last night, the only thing that was on my mind was making bratwurst when we got home because i had the worst craving ever. he looked me over and looked into my eyes with a flashlight and in the process burned my retinas, or so it seemed, and made me follow his finger all in circles which was hard mostly because i was still drunk and my eyes were hurting.

after all that, i finally got to make bratwurst for adam and i. i slept like a rock last night and it was the best damn sleep of my life, surprisingly. the only thing i could’ve done without was the dog jumping on me in the morning.

it was nice not going to work today… i got to clean up around here since adam’s mom is coming today. it looks pretty awesome now and it’s all organized and looks cozy. on the other hand, i look like shit and feel like a bum because i still have dirt on me from yesterday, proabably smell like beer, and have random throbbing sensations. hoorayyyyy!

adam feels really bad about it happening, and he’s called like 4 times already since he’s been at work to make sure i’m okay. :heart: and that makes me smiiilleee! and it makes it not so bad.

pictures are here.