Palladia Day 2, And My Ribs Hurt

loki had her second dose of palladia today. still no side effects! hooray! all she’s done is bug me to play with her, tackle the cat, and beg for steak, so all is well with the world. :) i’ll be bringing her to work with me tomorrow.

in other news, my mom is coming down to spend this weekend with us. several months ago, i bought us tickets to go see wicked. i haven’t read it, but the musical is supposed to be fantastic, so i’m excited. it’s been a while. the last musical we went to was CATS, and that was years ago. i’m long overdue.

and for whatever reason, i decided to give my resume a facelift after dinner. it feels good to have a fresh start. i only included things that don’t make me cringe when i look at them. i’ve been trying to keep myself more organized lately, and it felt necessary.

along the lines of organization, i started making weekly dinner menus. i’m sick of spending a ton of $ at the grocery store and then forgetting i bought something i had a craving for until i find it in the fridge a week later and have to throw it out. now i only find the 12 things i need, buy them, and i’m done. and there is no decision making involved. except which cookie dough to purchase.

the part about my ribs hurting is just me complaining more about this pregnancy. nothing different there. at some point in the middle of the night last night, i rolled over onto my stomach while i was sleeping, and was awoken by a sharp pain shooting right up my stomach through my side. i wish i could say i won’t make that mistake again, but something tells me it won’t be the last time.

i was trying to find something to wear this morning, and between the hormones and the fact that i haven’t done laundry in like 6 days, i wanted to kill something. i found a cute dress/tunic that i used to wear all the time and hadn’t worn in a while. i put it on with leggings and my black skate shoes. and then i looked in the mirror, and almost died. i just turned and looked at brett like… how stupid do i look? he said it looked fine, but i beg to differ. it looked okay until i turned sideways. i see plenty of pregnant women wearing tighter clothing and sporting the baby bump and they look great, but for whatever reason i still can’t get past mine.

brett went downstairs, i went back in my closet to change, and then i went downstairs. and then he rolled his eyes at me.

B: couldn’t stand it, huh?

me: dude. it bugs me. why can other pregnant women wear cute tight fitting clothing and pull it off? i look like a fucktard.

B: you don’t look like a fucktard. maybe just a retard.

i can feel the love.

maybe in another month.