holy shit, never in my life have i had that much fun all in one day. tim, i think you’re right, i say that about everything, but it was ridiculous and SO much fun. me, sterka, and wright drove down to charlotte thursday night, hung out with sterka’s friends all night after we went fishing at my grandma’s, woke up bright and early friday morning and headed to ozzfest w/sterka’s brother.

we got there around 10:30 am, just in time for black dahlia murder and a shitton of other cool bands. i’d seen a few of them already but it was still awesome. i started drinking after a dozen furies played, went back to the first stage when killswitch engage came on, was drunk by then, had another cup, waited for a while on wright/sterka/dave because they were in line for autographs, james and i got bored, and made our way up to rob zombie. it was just about to start so i shoved myself through the crowd up to the pit and i guess people felt bad for me because i couldn’t see anything so throughout the entire set, 3 people put me up on their shoulders and were jumping around like crazy, some hot guy gave me a daquiri and took a picture of me holding it with his friend, it was one of those big tall cool cups, and i told him that he was the man. i met 2 kiddos as i was making my way out of that crowd that i hung out with later on during mudvayne. THEN, i finally found my way to the main stage and caught up with all the guys since i had been wandering around by myself for the last hour, and we sat on the lawn for a while. james found me and took me down to the seats and we were about 15 rows up from the pit and the stage, and it was so badass. we were down there for black label society, wright went down with me for shadows fall, and then i went back down for black sabbath for the end of the night. i met a kid named scott when the show was over and wrote my number on a ticket stub. what sucks is he called me when my phone was off and assumed my phone had call ID, and it does, but not when it’s not turned on. so i have a voicemail saying, “hey call me back!” and i don’t have a number to call. oh well. if he gives 2 shits about it he’ll call again. otherwise, i shall get over it! :cool: yesterday was so much fun and sterka, dave, james, and wright- thank you SO much for taking me and going and making it so much fun and memorable. i wouldn’t have had it any other way!