Waiting for the Bus

the appalcart comes in 23 minutes. i’ll be damned if it misses me again… stupid jerks.

today better be one hell of a good day. i really need it right now. i have an accounting quiz (by the way, i’m going to DESTROY it!) and then i have to go to farthing to look up some paintings for art (yawn) and then i have my world civ. class and that’s just gonna suck. i have a quiz in there too and i answered the questions out of the book so i should be alright. we started reading rasta heart: a journey into one love and this book is really, really good. it’s a miracle that i actually like something i absolutely have to read. it makes me want to go down to miami and visit my uncle, he’s jamaican and i’ve met him twice and he’s so awesome. i miss all those guys.

anywho, i have to go find clothes. i’m so happy because i actually did laundry the other night at dustin and colin’s and now my closet is full again instead of the laundry basket overflowing.

tonight i’m meeting my mom in wilkesboro for dinner, and tomorrow night is MOTLEY CRUE!!! i’m stoked. 6th row center, bitches! weenie roast is this weekend! hell yeah.