will someone please answer this for me?

how in the hell do you move on when the person you’ve been absolutely, 100% in love with for the past year no longer has that place for you in their life but what makes you really happy is still having some sort of attachment to that old lifestyle? i’ve been hanging out at daniel, sterka, and eric’s house a lot lately. sterka and i are pretty close friends, he’s my buddy, takes care of me, i don’t wanna lose that friendship over anything. eric is a buddy of mine, cool as hell to hang out with, even his twin brother who i don’t know very well. ashley, eric’s girlfriend, is so great, talks to me when i need to. daniel and i are still on good terms; however, he’s scared of me getting hurt again, and frankly, so am i, but i can’t get over the feelings i’ve got, and it’s been 4 months and some change since the breakup. i have more friends than i can count and i am more than happy with my life, but at the same time, this is killing me. i went on dates with 23 people since april… 23. that’s a lot, and yes, i counted. i don’t ever forget anyone, and maybe that’s why this is so hard for me to get over, but i don’t WANT to forget anyone. i want these people in my life but it’s come back to hit me in the face and it hurts so goddamn bad.

excuse the language. i’ve not written a serious post in a long time, but i had to vent someplace. i’m sick of venting to other people because everyone’s got shit going on in their own lives to worry about. i’m tired of drama, i’m tired of the “he said she said,” and i’m tired of this week and it’s only tuesday.