November 2002

11.30.02 | 7:01 PM | posted by whit
dude the weekend is almost over. this sucks arse. it hasn’t seemed like 3 days. ohhh well.
yesterday was a lazy day. i went home and got some stuff i had forgotten to pack, drove back to my dad’s house, and just sat around the rest of the day. i got some cleaning done and then updated some junk on the site. and then basically photoshopped stuff and sat on aim all day. good stuff.

today was awesome though. i woke up around 10:30 and got online and talked for a bit. i took a shower and went and picked up doug and we went to mi pueblo again. i think we’re their most frequent visitors, and we should get a discount from now on. usually when we get that waiter dude he charges me for a little kids’ meal, but he didn’t this time. i was bummed. ;x

we went back to doug’s and sat around for a good 15-20 minutes until i called my dad. he had said i could get another piercing so doug & i met my dad & christine over to earth’s edge and i got another hole on each ear. they’re right in the middle… it looks sweeet :D i was sitting in front of the mirror too so i got to watch. i’d never had my ears done with needles; only the bellybutton ring which i didn’t even feel. that was just a little bitty pinch. this one i’m starting to feel now… way AFTER it’s been done. it may have something to do with me & doug fighting over the computer chair and me smashing my head into it. hrm… so much for being careful.

so now we’re back at my dad’s sitting around. he drank the last of the pepsi so i’m back to the lemonade. butthead. heh, i got the computer this time though. the tard warned me to 66% (i stole the computer as revenge). mwahaha… i’m good.

11.29.02 | 12:23 AM | posted by whit
ahh thanksgiving break :) so wonderful!
the week is over. thanksgiving is over. i hope everyone had a happy turkey day! mine was great. i woke up around 10:30, showered, and got ready to go to my dad’s house. i talked to my mom for a bit and left around 11:30 or so. i got here and both my grandparents were here. they beat me! :( anyway, doug showed up at 12-something i guess. we just all sat around and watched my dad and christine argue over potatoes while we drank orange soda and watched windtalkers with my grandpa. we didn’t get to finish it though. oh well. we had thanksgiving dinner sooo good and just talked with the family for a bit. it’s not everyday that happens! doug & i ended up going to ry~ry’s house around 6-6:15 and stayed there for a few hours. we beat the crap out of eachother, had a little “therapy” session for me & ry~ry, watched the grinch, and talked about the good ‘ol days back in elementary school. i needed that. thanksgiving night with 2 of my bestest friends, acting like total idiots. good stuff ;)

me & doug drove back to my dad’s house and sat around for a while. he took over the computer and i just kinda watched. there isn’t much to do at 11 on thanksgiving night. that’s alright though… this weekend’s gonna be fun. i think brendan & i are gonna try and do something saturday. my mom’s going to see her parents in raleigh (?) and so i’m gonna be here (my dad’s) for the whole weekend most likely. fun stuff :D i’m not sure if there are any good shows coming up, but if there are, i gotta go! who knows?

i’m gonna go find a jacket though. i’m freezing my ass off in a t-shirt.

11.26.02 | 8:34 PM | posted by whit
this week is almost over :) no school after tomorrow until monday.. total sweetness.
i’m sitting here listening to finch with a throbbing mouth. i got rubberbands yesterday at the ortho, and they’re making me a little bit sore. oh well. i went to get my hair cut last night after the ortho around 6:45. the lady chopped off like an inch or so and dyed it a little too gold. she was like do you want more gold or more whitish streaks? i told her white. she went all out with the gold. maybe she misunderstood me… but i doubt it. that’s ok though.

school was boring today. once again, we did nothing exciting. this afternoon was awesome though. i drove back to career center to stay after for physics. we had a study session until 5, pizza, & drinks. it was so much fun. david, jeremy, alex, adam, larry, & a few other people showed up that i’m pretty good friends with… so it was great. i got my homework done too, so that’s a plus.

i went home after that. david & jeremy followed me halfway down silas creek throwing their pizza crust and trying to get it in my window… very amusing. i’ve been doing homework pretty much the whole rest of the night since i’ve been home. it hasn’t been an exciting day. tomorrow better make up for it, or i’ll be pissed.

11.25.02 | 8:15 AM | posted by whit
i’ve been lacking in updates majorly lately… ;x oh well
friday night was the football game… and dear god it was freezing. i had so much fun, but it was a little bit too cold. the wind chill was like 20°, or pretty close. we lost anyway. woohoo! go west! yeah! i hate my school.

saturday i woke up around 1:15 because my mom decided to tell me just an hour ahead of time that we were having an open house again. i had to be out by 2, or at least up and dressed. so i was like, i’m not gonna stay here for this crap. i went to the bank and the mall. ry~ry called me when i was on the way there and said she was gonna meet me there, so i met up with her around 2 something. we walked around forever, and doug calls and ry~ry is like begging him to come to the mall. so he showed up at i don’t know what time. we ended up staying until 6:30 or something like that. we went back to my house, and ry~ry went to her house. we couldn’t go back over to her house until 8.. i think she had to eat or something. i don’t know. but we went to her house at like 8:30 after we went and got frozen yogurt and rented a movie. i rented from hell. if you have seen it, you will know what i mean when i say that it blows. had i known what it was really about, i never would’ve thought about renting it. it’s about an insane, pissed off old guy who’s taking revenge against 6 whores because they witnessed a screwy wedding so he lures them to him with grapes & alcohol, gets them tipsy, and then butchers them to hell with a surgeon kit and takes a different organ every time. it’s the jack the ripper story, but i had never read/seen whatever the old jack the ripper story was, so i was not expecting anything close to that. bad idea. too late now.

i spent the night at ry~ry’s that night and we ended up going to sleep around 1:30-2. fun stuff. and then she decides to get up at like 8 so i ended up getting up at 8:30. that sucked. i hate waking up early when i don’t have to, but it’s ok because we went out to breakfast, so that was fun.

and i ended up going to the mall again yesterday too. it was that gift of giving thing so you could buy a wristband and stay after the mall closed so i met up with scott and walked around for a while. i went home at like 8:15 or so and sat around. i was exhausted, and i still am.

i’m so bored, but again i have nothing to do during this period. i already finished something for physics and i wouldn’t have enough time to leave and come back before 3rd period started, and i’d rather not be late for that class.

i’m gonna go find something to do.

11.24.02 | 4:14 PM | posted by whit
sundays blow. there is nothing to do… at all. i’ve already been to the mall and we’ve watched home alone. there’s nothing left. argh.

11.22.02 | 8:04 AM | posted by whit
alright i’m stuck in the library again. i kinda forgot my $$ this morning when i left because i was running a little late… so i didn’t go to biscuitville with adam and blake. :( oh well. they won’t miss me. they might not even have gone. anyway, i have nothing to do. i don’t have any homework to do, no reading, nada. zilch. nothing. so i get to sit here or walk around and look for other people i know. a few of my friends skip their auto-body class just about every day so i might go look for them.. hrm.
the game tonight is gonna be awesome. i think it’s the last game? maybe? i’m not sure. but it’s gonna be fun, and freezing. i hope it doesn’t rain this time though. that kinda sucked… especially since it was already cold as balls and the rain was even colder.

i’m gonna go out this weekend and find yet another job for me. i liked getting tips at pizza hut. it’s easy pocket change, and you always have a buttload of money handy. talk about quick cash. so i’m gonna find another waitressing job, but i’m not sure where. i’ll figure it out sooner or later.

and now i’m gonna go find something better to do than sit here. i might go in the other computer lab and see matt for a little while, but i’m not sure what they’re doing in there. i don’t really feel like driving around today.

11.22.02 | 7:19 AM | posted by whit
blah. today is going to suck… aside from the football game, i don’t know what i’m doing this weekend. :( i gotta get OUT!

11.21.02 | 6:17 PM | posted by whit
ahh this week is almost over… finally :D tomorrow is gonna be crazy. i don’t know if i’m gonna work tomorrow afternoon or not, but i’m going by there to get my paycheck at least after school and then i’m going to the football game around 6:30-7. it’s gonna be sweetness.
anyway, i updated the button wall because i’d gotten a ton of submissions to get linked. some of them weren’t up anymore, but the ones that i could get to work are up. i took a few links down also. if you wanna be put back up, then just let me know.

i really don’t want to go to school tomorrow. if the rest of my life didn’t depend on it, i’d drop out in a heartbeat. but sadly, it’s just the opposite. we aren’t doing anything fun in any classes, and i have a pre-cal test. it’s so easy, but so damn tedious and i’m known for making careless mistakes. i’ll live. i probably won’t have time to finish though. anyhow, after that i’ll probably end up in the library with cameron & all the freshmen guys (so so sweet) and then go sit through lectures in us history and english. my classes at west are so boring… it’ll be nice next year when i get to stay at career center most of the day.

i don’t have much to talk about today. nothing that exciting happened today, so i’m gonna go work on some other junk and get some dinner.

11.20.02 | 7:44 AM | posted by whit
i want to leave! i’m sitting here in computer science bored out of my mind again. i just finished the test… how exciting. =\
i was checking my e-mail and i was reading those boyfriend applications… people write some crazy junk on there. anyway, the last one i read was from a girl. now, people, think about this for a sec… i’m a girl. why in gods name would you fill out a boyfriend application if you too are a girl? just wondering about that one… struck me as a little weird. whatever floats your boat. i just deleted it. it’s just for kicks anyways.

i’m gonna go find something to do, or try at least.

11.19.02 | 8:22 PM | posted by whit
i’ve been kinda slacking off on updates lately ;x sorry about that y’all. anyway…
yesterday wasn’t all that fun. i went to school, stayed after to make up a us history presentation, and then left. i did get to see david (old friend who switched schools last year) and i sat and talked with him for a pretty long time. he’s such a sweetheart.. i always love talkin’ to him. i went home after that. i had a nice long afternoon :) i finished homework, read a little bit, and worked on some junk online. brian & brad randomly called me around 8 and decided they wanted to come see me, so they came over and hung out for a little while. i’m not sure when they left, but i went to sleep not too long afterwards.

today was surprisingly a really good day. i haven’t had too many of those lately. i woke up a bit late ;x around 6:15 so i was rushing to get ready. i got there like 20 minutes early, again. so much for the late part. but we did nothing today at school, in any classes actually. the most i did was take notes… total waste of a good 7 or so hours. argh. i talked to doug for a while after school, and then i left for work. i got to start on a new project too. it’s gonna be total sweetness. i can’t wait until i finish it… or the other 3 i still have pending. hrm..

i met up with brendan at starbucks because he wanted help studying for the comp. sci. test tomorrow. dear god that boy is beautiful. lol but anyway, we finished that in like 15 minutes. there wasn’t much to study, and all i ended up having to do was rephrase what mrs. fix said and that seemed to work fine. we sat and talked for a pretty good while, and then he started teaching me self defense stuff so i got to hit him. it was some fun stuff, let me tell you. i’m an expert now. actually, not nearly close. but it was still a lotta fun. now i know how to beat the crap out of someone and not get too hurt in the process. :) we left there around 7 or so and i went home.

so, here i am. no more homework left, i don’t think. i’m gonna go finish up some other stuff.

11.18.02 | 7:28 AM | posted by whit
class is boooorrrriinnng… ;x

11.17.02 | 1:02 PM | posted by whit
sorry about this week. on thursday or friday i came home and my computer was off, but the power wasn’t completely off. it was so screwy. the monitor was like blinking… i’m not really sure what happened because i had been at school. i’m thinking someone was messing with it. anyway, fixed the computer and the internet was dead. completely dead. nothing had been changed in the network properties and everything was plugged in. it sucked so bad. so until about 10 minutes ago, i hadn’t been online. and my site was gone too. downtime = bad.
aside from all that, this weekend has been cool. me & doug went to wendys after school on friday and he made me look like a retard in front of the guys who worked there. i still have to get him back for that one. and then i went home and sat around for a while. i cleaned my room which was a mess, and took a shower and ended up going to the football game around 6:30-7. it didn’t rain most of the time, but around 3rd quarter it started sprinkling and didn’t stop. that kinda sucked, but it’s all good. i was with the freshman/sophomore guys so it was fun.

now last night, last night was so awesome. i went and got gas, and me & doug went to mi pueblo around 6:20 or so. meredith was there with her new date and they were out to eat with matt bodenheimer and his family. so meredith comes over and sits with us for a minute or 2. she’s so nice, lol but she’s insane. anyway, we ate and ended up leaving at like 7:45 or so. for some reason i started driving to brent’s house (i was supposed to go to blake’s house) and doug calls and he had been following me wondering where i was going the whole time. so we turn around and go the weird back way through lewisville to get to blake’s house. when we got there, john, mike, blake, pat, & dave were already there. quinn, brent, & sam showed up a couple minutes later. and then… we watched the new version of LOTR!! ahhh it was so much fun. i hadn’t seen dave & quinn in a bigllion years it seemed since they’re all cool and ditched us all for college. i’m gonna miss these guys when they’re all in college next year :(

11.13.02 | 7:05 AM | posted by whit
woops, no update yesterday. i guess that kinda slipped my mind... ergh. oh well.
i'm in the computer lab at career center. i am bored as ever, too. there's like a grand total of 10 people in here, and class starts in 5 minutes. i have a feeling a lot of people are skipping because of the carnival today. i know a lot of people who aren't coming period. i wish i could miss more days, but uh, i've already missed 5 this quarter. :(

this carnival is going to be teh suck. it's expensive as hell, well, not really. but it's a rip-off. and i don't feel like spending my money on any of it. i wanna just leeeaveee. i'll live.

gonna go now. later.

11.11.02 | 8:51 PM | posted by whit
this weekend was so relaxing, with the exception of being sick. i sat around alll day today, and was it ever great. it was what seemed like an endless supply of yoo-hoos and minute maid lemonade, mixed with some comfy pajamas, skittles, and catching up with old friends online. i needed that :)
last night doug picked me up at around 9 or so and we went to pizza hut. i hadn't eaten because my mom refused to go grocery shopping until this morning. we have had absolutely nothing to eat in this house. argh. anyway, doug wrote the waitress a love letter about sausage while i ate my personal pan cheese. good stuff :D we went back to my house and sat around until about 12. i went through tons of old pictures and boxes full of junk in my closet, while he took over my computer.. hrm. i'm starting to see a trend in this. he left and went home around 12 or so.

i didn't end up going to sleep until about 5 am ;x i was online for a long time talking to a few people whom i hadn't talked to in what seemed like forever. it was awesome catching up on things once again. ryan called around 4-something and i talked to him for a bit on the phone. we were starting to talk in incomplete sentences and jibberish after a while, so we decided to go to sleep. there was a tornado watch for a bigllion counties around here, so that was probably a good idea. storms scare the bejesus out of me. thank god i slept like a rock. i didn't hear a thing.

ry~ry and doug thought it would be funny to give me a damn wake-up call at 11:30 this morning! ha.. not cool. you guys suck. not really, but i couldn't go back to sleep after that. 6½ hours of sleep on a monday morning when i don't have school is hardly what i consider acceptable. gah. i'll live, i guess.

i wanna thank opie for all the hits he sent my way. i'm looking at my referrals and every other link is his website. one plug works miracles. much <333 to opie. i owe that guy a fansign, and ryan. also, i wanna thank carlina and jon for plugging me. give these people hits :) they're too sweet.

i am done with physics homework, and i have nothing left to talk about. i'm going to bed early. :) nightnight.

11.10.02 | 11:55 AM | posted by whit
well, i didn't go to greensboro yesterday for friction fest. as much as i wanted to go, i knew i'd be a mess. i can't breathe! agh, it's so annoying. i don't think i would have been able to stay awake the whole time either. i was draggin' yesterday.
i woke up around 10 or so, since i didn't end up falling asleep until about 3:30-4 friday night. brian & brad & chad showed up around 11:30. what a surprise... kinda weird. but it was fun :) they're so sweet. anyway, yesterday was a lazy day. i cleaned my room a little, and part of the bathroom. i updated a few things on a few websites, and by about 4:30 i was starving since i hadn't eaten. i called doug & we went to mi pueblo, again. he came back to my house for a little while and we watched home alone 2 and hocus pocus :D good stuff. and he took over my computer, as always. and then right after he left, his dad called... why? i do not know. it's not my job to keep up with him.

i was out like a light last night when i fell asleep. 3 people called and left voicemails and i never heard my phone once... which is sad because that thing is incredibly loud and annoying.

i gotta run though. i need to take a shower, get dressed, clean, and get all my crap together before 2. we're having an open house again since we're moving. these things are so irritating. the house has to always be clean. argh. i'll post later. i think i'm gonna end up going to ry~ry's.

11.09.02 | 8:14 PM | posted by whit
ryan <333

11.08.02 | 3:30 PM | posted by whit
check out the visitor section :)
i think i know why i'm sick. my mom just came in my room to tell me that she'd put up one of those glade plugin type potpourri things in my wall. i happen to be allergic to cologne/ perfume/ potpourri. :( no wonder i can't breathe and my throat is killing me. argh. i never would've known it was there; i can't smell the things anyways.

11.08.02 | 11:49 AM | posted by whit
jesus christ, i hate being sick. yesterday when doug & i were on the way home from mi pueblo, my throat started hurting wicked bad. i figured it was because it was really cold out, and since i have allergies, those two don't usually make a good combination. but, it didn't go away. i woke up in the middle of the night several times. man, this blows. and my mom woke me up at 5:30 like normal, and i told her i felt awful. she gives me these two huge tylenol. so far, they haven't done much. i slept until 11, so they probably already wore off when i was sleeping. oh well.
so, i missed another day of school. i don't think i can miss anymore days. this means, if i get sick again, like i probably will, i get to go to school anyway! how fun. next week will be so exciting... making up half of a us history presentation and the other half of my math test. i'm gonna work ahead and get a lot of next week's homework done, so then i won't be as stressed doing the rest of it. icky. :(

i'm gonna get some food.

11.07.02 | 8:32 PM | posted by whit
this post isn't gonna be long either. ;x still doing physics homework.
i want to go to sleep. i'm exhausted. i got home around 3. doug followed me home and we kinda sat around for a while and he took over the computer. for those of you who saw how he h4x0r3d my website! argh. he replaced the top banner with his afghan picture. buttmunch. anyway, i took a shower, and then we went to mi pueblo for dinner. it'd been a while since we'd been there, and for a while we'd been going at least once a week. hrm. but we got home around 6:15 or so. i started physics, and i'm giving up now because she didn't really explain what we're supposed to do. i'll blame that one on her.

my throat hurts like hell. and max, i don't wanna hear your reasoning behind it. sorry. my mom keeps trying to give me tylenol, but that always backfires. tylenol makes me feel like puking. excuse me for that graphic comment, but it's disgusting.

but, back to physics and us history. night y'all.

"pshiza: im gonna insert my women into her slot"

11.06.02 | 5:30 PM | posted by whit
this post is gonna be kinda short because i'm about to go downstairs and finish up homework. i just got home from work about 20 minutes ago.
i'm probably not gonna be home a lot this weekend, so those of you (not online friends) who will need to get ahold of me, you might have a little trouble :D friday night i'm probably going out with some people, and saturday i'll be in greensboro all day for friction fest 3. bloodjinn, codeseven, beloved, & 16 or so other bands. it's gonna be awesome. definitely a show i can't miss. blake's band is playing! it doesn't get better than that! :)

but... i'm gonna go. homework calls. just like the 6 hours of it called yesterday. argh.

11.05.02 | 5:26 PM | posted by whit
well, the tag board is gone once again. i guess it was pointless even putting it back up earlier. it's pretty sad how some people are so inconsiderate, and not to mention immature. seriously, what is the point of going to someone's website if you don't like the person? answer me that, please. i'd really love to know. it's just a waste of your time, and it only shows how shallow you really are.
oh yeah, to whoever said i was a dyke? lol... seeing as how i'm straight, there isn't any reason to even think that. but hey, whatever floats your boat, i guess. you go right ahead and have your psycho lesbian thoughts about me, and i'll continue to like guys. that works for me. and i think someone told me to die a few times. hmm... people, that's not something you just say to someone you don't know. you don't know what makes people tick, and you don't know what's going on inside my, or anyone else's, mind. some people take that kinda thing seriously. if i actually gave a damn about the person telling me all this, i would have taken it very seriously. seeing as how you, whoever you happens to be, choose not to put a name or any way to even talk to you, you don't even compare to dirt in my mind. do us all a favor and just leave.

11.04.02 | 10:24 PM | posted by whit
so, i went to that computer/internet law seminar tonight downtown. that's the only place i EVER get lost around here. god i hate going downtown. argh. it's annoying. i was lost from about 9:10-9:45 after collin dropped me off back at my car, wherever it was that i parked. i wasn't quite sure. the building was hard to find in itself. it had a freaking wall around it. i got there, seminar was great, i left. i got so screwed up. thank you, collin, for trying to get me home without being shot & mugged in the far east side of the city ;x remind me to never go that far downtown ever again. and if i do, i'll get one of these for reassurance. maybe doug will get me one :D i've had enough adventures for today. i'm going to sleep.

11.04.02 | 4:44 PM | posted by whit
and yet another COPIER!!! people... what is the POINT! when my counter shows exit pages on URLs other than mine, i know something's a little messed up.

11.04.02 | 8:07 AM | posted by whit
hey y'all. i didn't get to post yesterday. i was out a lot of the day, and when i got home i did homework for 3 hours straight and then said i'd had enough, and called it a night. i ended up going to bed around 10:30-11. still pretty early for me. i've been trying to go to bed earlier, since i haven't been doing too well the past week or two. ick ;x
anyway, we've got a buttload of halloween candy left at my house. major sugar high. my mom bought all this candy for halloween, and then when halloween finally rolled around, she decided she didn't want to give out candy at the door, and just decided to turn all the lights off and make it look like no one was home. so, she didn't give out the candy. this is good and bad. it's good because i'll have something to keep me awake in the morning, but it's bad because i don't want to eat it all. argh. i'll make myself sick.

this weekend was a bit crazy. friday night my mom & i went to the mall. i got myself a pair of jeans that actually fit me right. that's always nice :) i can never find any that fit the way i want them to. i went to bed pretty early friday night. i don't know why i was so tired, but i think i crashed around 8:30-9. on saturday, i slept in :) god that was great. i went out to eat with brian, brad, & dan. we were gonna go earlier, but they had some issues with transportation and we never actually met up until 4:30 or so. a little weird. we finish eating, and dan figures out that he hasn't gone to the ATM in a while. i drove dan to just about every frickin' ATM i could think of. with our luck, most were 'temporarily out of service'. quite inconvenient. so dan & i ended up driving around for a little too long looking for a machine that worked. we ended up not leaving the restaurant until 6:30-7. i was supposed to do something with doug, but we'd wasted half the day already, and of course, my cellphone went dead. i ended up staying with those guys for a while since i couldn't really do much else. dan & brad dropped brian & i off at zack's house in advance. we met up with zack & his girlfriend, katie. she was a little weird. but, oh well. whatever floats your boat. they wanted to go to the movies, but since katie had to be home at 10, that plan got screwed. we ended up back at my house grr

i went to bed after they left. i was beat. sunday afternoon i ended up going to the mall again. i found one more pair of jeans... so awesome :D and i met up with dave for lunch in the food court after i said bye to the guys at spencers. all in all, a good afternoon. i got home and my mom asked me to go to the movies with her, so we went to see sweet home alabama, for her first and my second time. still a great movie, still a tearjerker :)

i'm gonna go now, though. i'm in the computer lab. i stayed in here through 2nd period. i forgot my wallet this morning so i didn't go to burger king with adam & blake this morning. :( so sad. last time i went there, they made me wait almost 15 minutes for my damn food. those people annoy me. anyhow, i might post this afternoon; i might not. later.

11.03.02 | 9:51 AM | posted by whit
everyone go give him lots of hits.. so so nice! :)

11.02.02 | 2:15 PM | posted by whit
well, i figured it was time to archive some of my posts. ;x the site was gettin just a little too long. it was taking forever to load too. oh well. it's not like anyone, or i for that matter, reads older entries. i don't think so anyways.
i put up a few new buttons today for some well-deserving sites. i got a few plugs back, too. so it's all good :) i'm not sure when a new layout will be up, or if there will be one for a while. i haven't had much time to do all that. i've had time for updates, a few cam snaps, a few nit-picky changes here and there, but not enough to change the whole site. we've had mass amounts of crap to do lately at school. agh. oh well.

incase you haven't noticed, the tag board is back up. please be mature. begs i don't have the patience for kiddie-BS. i moved the tag board and guestbook onto my server. they had been on the server for a long time. it needed to be done ;x

i'm gonna go, though. i'm going out to lunch with brian & brad, and then me & doug are gonna find something to do tonight. call the cell if ya need me.

11.01.02 | 7:48 PM | posted by whit
i found this website rather humorous...

11.01.02 | 8:26 AM | posted by whit
i hope everyone had a great night last night. halloween was freakin' crazy. i was out in advance all last night... and i'm so glad the guys knew where we were. i was so lost. i don't think i've ever been that far into the middle of nowhere. there were coyotes.. ok... that was weird enough. it was really pretty though. you could see every star in the sky. it was so gorgeous. last night was a lotta fun, & i met a bunch more of brian & brad's friends. good stuff.
anyway, i have no clue what i'm doing this weekend. i get to sleep in now :) no more pizza hut. it's awesome. i do wanna get another waitressing job though. i don't know where, but it'd be cool to try it somewhere else. i don't think i need anymore jobs right now, but i wanna do something. oh well.

i'm in the library right now. it's 2nd period, and i'm incredibly bored. i was thinking of going and working on my prog. for computer science in the lab, but i have a feeling there isn't anyplace left to sit, and mrs. fix is probably teaching. i'd feel retarded just walking in there. she did tell me i could go in anytime. the A class is so boring, so maybe i'll talk to her about going in there and maybe having 'class' every once in a while, or at least mess around with programs that i need to get done.

i'm gonna go. i'm gonna go talk to some friends downstairs for a bit and see if i can get in the physics classroom. ill be posting this afternoon, most likely. i still have no idea what i'm doing tonight.