December 2002

12.30.02 | 1:20 AM | posted by whit
so, saturday night doug and i went looking for his IDE cables at intrex. intrex was closed… doug blames this on me (of course). we ended up going to la carretta (spelling?) to eat. i hadn’t eaten anything and we decided to break away from the traditional mi pueblo routine. we finished eating, and he decides to make us go alll the way back to best buy where we had just been because he HAS to get his IDE cables. so we end up walking around best buy for a good while. we went to the mall somewhere in there (i forget when exactly, but we did go). after all that mess we went back to my house and watched country bears (he got the DVD for me for christmas, big mistake ;).
today i somehow managed to wake up at a fairly good hour (10 in the frickin’ morning). that was the first time i’d been up before noon since before christmas break. it was amazing. i had kicked both cameras off my computer desk though and a speaker had fallen over. oh well. i had a bad dream about physics class so i guess that would explain the excessive kicking. anyway, i woke up and sat around for a bit and got showered and junk. doug and i, once again, went to mi pueblo for lunch. we left and went to the mall for a little while (i got my boo doll from monsters inc.), and then to barnes&noble.; we went and sat at the bar for a while. i got my lemonade, a book on lightwave for work, a coldfusion book, and sat down and read for a little bit. we stayed there long enough for me to get some pretty good ideas for when i start using lightwave at work, so it wasn’t completely useless. doug left for work around 4:30 or so, and i drove over to best buy again. i picked up a manson cd that i’ve been wanting for a while. i’d burn it, but it’s a good cd. i’d rather just go buy the damn thing.

after that i just came home for a while. i downloaded my webcam software again (since i reformatted at the last LAN, i didn’t have it anymore) and hooked up my new camera that i got for christmas. it’s nearly perfect quality and doesn’t crap out like the other one did, which is a good thing. i got bored of sitting around so i drove over to pizza hut like i said i would. doug, ben, shane, aj, & kevin were there so it was a lotta fun being with all them. i miss my buddies! i came home around 8:30 or so and watched tv with my mom for a bit. doug came back over around 10:30 and we sat and talked for a few. he ended up leaving around 12, so now i’m left with nothing to do.

i’m gonna crash in a little bit. nightnight.

12.28.02 | 4:11 PM | posted by whit
wow, it’s been a while since i’ve written anything worth reading. the LAN party was awesome. i’m gonna miss all you guys next year :( dave, quinn, stein – it was awesome spending time with y’all since you guys are too good for us highschool youngn’s. and to everyone else who was there, i