January 2003

1.31.03 | 4:01 PM | posted by whit
i’m at home, all nice and comfy in my PJs. i’ve been waiting for this moment allll day long, ever since 5:30 this morning. i hate school, and icky, cold rain doesn’t make it any more “fun”.
so, yeah. i got bored when i came home from school and put up a bunch of random downloads in the visitors’ section. take what you want. i figured it couldn’t make my computer go much slower than it already does. anyhow, i’ve just been updating random stuff around the site. if you want me to put up anything, let me know.

someone IMed me asking about why i don’t allow uploading onto my server. there is a very simple answer to that– some people are idiots. i’d rather not come home to a folder full of goatse or anything like that. god help me… i get that enough already.

i’ll post later… maybe.

1.31.03 | 8:25 AM | posted by whit
weee… i’m having fun in here. i finished the other image program today, and so now i have both the Game Of Life 2.0.zip and Rubber Ducky.zip up. the only reason the graphics weren’t working is because i had a saved image in the Game Of Life and i didn’t have it at home, or on the site. it doesn’t create the window if that is missing. oh well. it’s fixed now. :) they’re in .zip files, so if you download them, just download it, extract the 2 files (there are 2 in each), and make sure they’re in the same folder. it won’t work otherwise.
i’m gonna go downstairs to the physics lab… later.

1.30.03 | 10:27 AM | posted by whit
i can already tell this day is going to go by very slowly. i actually didn’t sleep through 1st period today like i did yesterday… ;x oopsies. since i finished the Game Of Life program (which, by the way, i want to put up if i get it to work without codewarrior), mrs. fix gave me & andy a different program to work on. we have to write a program that creates an image pixel by pixel based on a text file that we’re given. i finished mine this morning except there are a couple little tweaks that need to be made so it looks a little nicer. it’s a little blurry =\ oh well. it works. maybe i can get that one to work without codewarrior. i’ll see later.
so, yeah. it’s raining again today, and this time it is raining harder. i had my umbrella again :D so i ended up walking with JP to 4th period… i should’ve let him get soaked. ha… poor guy.

i really don’t want to go to pre-cal. i have a feeling we’re going to take notes today, and it’s never fun. i always seem to want to go to sleep. i doubt i’ll even stay awake in 6th period today, and i mean come on, we’re watching wizard of oz. i can’t miss that!

i’m gonna go, though. i like getting to class before the 1st bell rings. later.

1.29.03 | 9:33 PM | posted by whit
ahh, today was great. well, aside from the rain and coldness. somehow, i always pick the wrong days to wear sandals/clogs and my long pajama pants. and i almost never see puddles before i walk right through them. needless to say, i didn’t exactly stay dry today. the top half of me did, because i’m smart and had an umbrella with me. go me! yeah..
i came home and sat around for a while. i thought about doing homework, but i just went through all my old school stuff. i have to empty out this massive tub of schoolwork from kindergarten and up. i need the box to put my beanie babies in… :( i don’t know what i’m gonna do with all this crud.

i went to the Y tonight around 7:15 or so. jessica, ry~ry, & i go every other day now… or more. it depends. i’m going tomorrow night too. i made a “fit links” appointment where this lady tells me what to do for routines and stuff. it’s gonna be sweet. ry~ry had her appointment today, and wow she looked bored. oh well. jessica & i had a lot of fun making fun of her :D my asthma didn’t bother me today at all either, so that was pretty nice. it’s not everyday that happens.

i’m gonna go do homework. i have a crapload of physics to do since i haven’t started on test corrections yet. blah… someone do it for me.

1.28.03 | 8:33 AM | posted by whit
well, i did have the Game Of Life finished with graphics and everything, but it doesn’t want to work with graphics outside of codewarrior. damn.

1.27.03 | 11:26 PM | posted by whit
i’ve kinda been slacking off on the updates lately, but nothing exciting is going on. the past 2 days have been the same ol’ go to school, go to lunch with doug, come home, do homework, go to bed. it’s been pretty boring. my room is almost all gone :( doug & i packed up my beanie babies tonight… haha so much fun. 269 of those things, and doug threw about half of them across my room. argh.
i did homework for 2½ hours tonight, and it was probably the most boring 2½ hours i’ve spent in a long time. at least i got it all done. i’m gonna go back to career center after school tomorrow for the physics study group thing from 3-5. 2 hours of mrs. mcmurray– should be a blast.

i’m gonna crash. i’ll post more some other time.

1.25.03 | 2:50 PM | posted by whit
bye bye room :(

1.24.03 | 4:41 PM | posted by whit
ahh dudeman… yesterday was great. i didn’t get to see doug though sniffles anyway, i was a bum most of the day. i sat around and finally got my ass up and left around 5:30. i walked up to becky’s and waited for her & chris to get ready to go sledding. it was SO icy walking up there. i almost slid down my driveway. we got a pretty good amount of snow this time… good stuff. becky’s dad drove us all up the street to ashley’s house. samantha, amanda, ashley, and chris (a different one) were already up there. i didn’t do a whole lot of sledding because my asthma started kicking in after a while. the windchill made it like 2°, so that didn’t help any. regardless of all that, we all had a great time. sarah showed up a little late, at 9:30. we had already gone sledding, watched drop dead gorgeous, and had chili for dinner, so sarah missed out on all the fun. :( poor girl.
i got home around 10 or so. becky’s dad dropped me back off on the way home… so i didn’t have to walk! :D i didn’t end up going to sleep until 2 or maybe a little earlier. we lucked out and got another snow day… very cool.

i woke up this afternoon at 1:30 and sat around talking on AIM, as usual. i’ve been watching those stupid court TV shows, like judge judy and judge joe brown. these people are idiots. my dad stopped by and dropped off my new card for the Y, so now i don’t have to pay 5 damn dollars everytime i go. this will be sweet. i’m not sure when ry~ry and jessica and i are going next, but hopefully it’s soon.

alright. i’ll probably post later, but doug & i are going with blake and possibly his ‘date’ to the movies and probably out to eat. this should be interesting. ;)

1.23.03 | 2:03 PM | posted by whit
this is really addictive ;x

1.23.03 | 10:09 AM | posted by whit
heck yeah! no school. again. :) i was hoping for this all day yesterday. it must’ve been really early in the morning because i didn’t fall asleep until 12 or so… hrm. lots of snow though!

1.21.03 | 9:32 PM | posted by whit
today wasn’t too bad for the first day back after a 4-day weekend. i didn’t get much sleep last night. i was exhausted, but couldn’t fall asleep. i think i had too much caffeine =\ oh well.
school was boring, as usual. it was drizzly and nasty/cold outside all day today, so that didn’t help much either. i did absolutely nothing 1st period, went to biscuitville with blake 2nd period, and all we did 3rd period was test review for tomorrow’s test. i went back to west, fixed up some stuff, and the teacher handed over a big ol’ kit kat bar. she’s so nice! i had a killer pre-cal test after that, and sat in the library during lunch to take my mind off of it. i hate the feeling after taking a test. it’s a relief getting it over with, but then i always wonder how i did. :( argh. doug had left cisco early so he met me in there too, good stuff. that was a nice surprise. i presented my project in 6th period that i worked on last night, and that went well, so that was definitely a load lifted. english was an hour of absolutely nothing, once again. i’m wondering when our teacher is going to realize that she hasn’t taught us anything this year.

doug & i went to mi pueblo after school, again. we’re one of three parties in there, yet they can’t get our order right. they never get it right. hrm… we came back home for a little bit, and he left at 5 something. i got started on physics and studied for a couple hours. patrick & i went over some old homework problems on netmeeting, and i think i got the hang of most of it (i hope). maybe i’ll have a wave of good luck tomorrow during 3rd period, and it’d be nice in 5th period too for the other half of that pre-cal test. this should be exciting.

i’m gonna go watch the other half of whatever this show is on tv, and then i think i’m gonna crash.

1.21.03 | 12:04 AM | posted by whit
there seems to be some confusion on the Game Of Life.exe. if you don’t understand it, instructions can be found here.

1.19.03 | 4:11 PM | posted by whit
back from the LAN :) bwahahaha, michael & max, no more h4x0ring for you! i found y’all’s tweaks. argh.
i had so much fun this weekend. thanks mike :D you’re awesome. it was a tid bit cold, but we beasted it out. we didn’t go out to eat friday night, but last night we ate at panera and went to best buy. brad decided to join up with us, so we went back to panera where he works and he got us like 50 lbs. of bread and oh man was it good. we ate a TON of it. brad, doug, & i went to food lion around 10:45 or so last night to get some drinks and junk. we ended up getting 6-7 bags of marshmallows while we were there, altoids, and a little surprise for the winner of our chubby bunny game (alll brad’s idea, heh). swofford managed to stuff his face with 13 marshmallows, whereas i choked with 4. that’s sad… really sad. needless to say, it was fun as hell. i’ll be posting more pictures as soon as max uploads some of the ones he took, that is if he ever gets his camera back. he left it at mike’s house in the hands of the rest of the guys =x good luck, max.

i’m gonna go shower and get all my stuff unpacked. later.

1.17.03 | 1:58 AM | posted by whit
oh yeah, i’ll be at a LAN ’til sunday most likely. i’ll be leaving this afternoon. the site will be down, and FTP. too bad, so sad ;)

1.17.03 | 1:43 AM | posted by whit
ohh heck yeah. i just finished the game of life :)
Game Of Life 1.0.exe

1.16.03 | 8:34 AM | posted by whit
i’m in the library again. i just went through my lab notebook and my homework notebook making sure everything was in order. i hate lab quizzes/tests; the way mrs. mcmurray words her questions confuses the crap out of me. oh well, i’ll live through 3rd period. this computer i’m on is so screwy. actually, all the computers in the library are. the screen only takes up about 3/4 of the monitor and is all squished. i tried fixing the settings with the little horizontal/vertical things, but that just made it look worse. right now it’s kinda hard to see what i’m writing, forgive me if there are typos. :P
we started this new program in comp. sci. it’s the game of life, and it’s gonna suck. it’s easy, but it’s gonna suck. it’s not as fun as she made it sound at the beginning of the semester when she first talked about it. i was bummed :(

anyhow, i’m gonna go down to the physics room i think. i have nothing better to do.

1.16.03 | 7:08 AM | posted by whit
this class is so incredibly boring. save me :( AP matrices… woohoo…

1.15.03 | 6:55 PM | posted by whit
w00t! it’s supposed to snow this week! it’s supposed to start tomorrow night and continue on friday, i think. i haven’t looked at the recent predictions or anything, but that’s what people at school were saying. a 70% chance or something. good stuff. but i hope it doesn’t screw up the LAN party. :(
i’m getting ready to go to the Y, so i’ll be back later.

1.15.03 | 8:29 AM | posted by whit
good god i’m bored. i’m sitting in the library, again. i did tonight’s homework already and i have nothing left to do but sit here for another, ohh, 30 minutes or so. something like that. class doesn’t start until 9, i think. or maybe a little after.
anyway, i hope everyone likes the new layout. i have a feeling i’ll end up changing it at some point. i’m not used to this color. it’s not pink! it’s so, different! hrm…

i’m thinking about putting up some new content for visitors. i’m too lazy to write up tutorials or anything like that. i don’t think i’d have the time/patience to do that anyway. i’ll think of something.

i’m gonna go find something to do until class starts.

1.14.03 | 11:11 PM | posted by whit
another fansign! thank you heather!