October 2002

10.31.02 | 4:03 PM | posted by whit
happy halloween!!!
i’m not gonna write anything, since i’m about to go out. i just wanted to say that ^ :) if anyone needs me, you can call my cell. i’ll be in mocksville.

10.30.02 | 6:58 AM | posted by whit
i am so incredibly bored. i got to school about 30-40 minutes early again, so i’m back in the computer lab. this time i remembered to leave my FTP on though. :D i’m a smart one this morning. anyway, i don’t know what we’re doing in here today; probably messing with that stupid fish program again. goodie… ;x
the cam will probably be on today after work. i might be going over to wake forest afterwards, and i might be coming home. i have no idea. i could go to ry~ry’s for all i know. just call the cell if ya need me. i won’t be home ’til at least 6.

10.29.02 | 8:11 PM | posted by whit
before i start ranting, i have to say one thing…
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y R Y ~ R Y ! ! !
haha :) anyway, today was alright, aside from the freezing cold rain. that wasn’t cool at all. i need a rain coat/jacket, instead of regular old cotton hoodies. those don’t do much once the rain soaks in. argh. they’re so comfy though! :( it’s supposed to snow saturday. maybe the weather dude will be right this time… it could happen.

i didn’t miss a whole lot yesterday. i went to guidance today to find out my GPA, class rank, and next year’s somewhat of a schedule. i’ll have 4 AP’s next year if everything goes as planned. can’t wait… oh yes. at least i get a travel period, and i do the school website again next year, and i’ll most likely have communications systems (slllacckkk class). it’ll be great.

thank you, doug, for my caffeine candies! i have a whole new roll! it’s sweetness! i’m gonna be wired tomorrow at school, but my ass will still be dragging at the end of the day and after work. this week i’m trying to be asleep by 10:00-10:30. i’ve not been doing too great lately, and i need all the sleep i can get. i finished my homework at ry~ry’s tonight (i went to see her on her birthday after i went to work) so i don’t think i have anything left to do. i talked to dave for a while tonight on the phone, and that was nice. that guy’s so sweet. and i talked to brian & brad again (definitely confidence boosters); man i love those guys.

alright, well, i think i’m gonna end with that. i’m gonna go talk on AIM for a bit, update a few little things, and then i’m going to sleep. night y’all.

10.28.02 | 5:42 PM | posted by whit
dudeman, as much as i love LAN parties, i wish my IP didn’t change everytime i bring the computer back. it’s such a hassle getting the site back up and stuff. ;x
the webcam will be up on a somewhat ‘normal’ schedule once again. i haven’t had the patience to mess with the thing (not like you guys care, but it’s annoying to see that same stupid picture up there).

a bunch has happened since i last posted: brent’s LAN party, going to cameron’s house with him & ryan a few times, quitting pizza hut, driving home sick at 2:30 in the morning, homecoming football game, 5:30 am krispy kreme with doug, midnight wendy’s with brad/corie/michael, good times with brian & brad, the mall, and the list goes on. however, right now, i don’t have the time to write it all.

i left school after 3rd period today. i basically had a nervous breakdown/panic attack (i don’t know if that’s what it was, or those are what i should call it, but it wasn’t fun, to say the least) and had a very bad night sunday night. i told my mom everything that’s been going on the past few months years, and we’re probably getting me a shrink & some depression meds. so, she told me i should come home today after 3rd period (semi-important physics test) and go to sleep, and get homework done early, which is exactly what i did. i got a biscuit & coke from mcdonalds, and drove home. i went to sleep around 11:30 and didn’t wake up until 5:40. when i was little, i’d take 2 naps a day as opposed to the more normal 1. maybe this is why i can never function normally? all these years, and that could be the only problem. oh well.

i’m gonna go do homework.

10.24.02 | 8:43 PM | posted by whit
you guys! i’m home again! the second time i’ve stayed overnight back at my house in 3 weeks! it went by quick too. hrm.
this week is finally over. i guess i get to lose more hits though, because brent’s LAN is this weekend! talk about sweetness. it’s gonna be great, except i have to work saturday & sunday. i’m free all of tomorrow though! man, i can’t wait. blake & quinn are ditching us. coughloserscough ;) j/k you guys. i still love you. they’re going to another LAN party, which happens to be down the street from me. i might go by there sometime this weekend. who knows? they’re all a lot older; i don’t think those guys will want me over there for more than 5 minutes. what i was initially getting at with the whole hits thing was that the site will be down tomorrow night through sunday, unless i get lazy and decide not to lug my computer over there since i won’t be there the whole time. i’m afraid of getting goatse’d after i sent a half-naked, huge, oily, icky, big man picture to brad. hahaha… that was so much fun! (sorry brad ;x)

i need to plug the following people: dave and rotton
these guys linked me before i even got to ask them for a link exchange! they’re too sweet.

10.23.02 | 8:36 PM | posted by whit
well, the site is up… knock on wood the first time it went down this week or last week, our power had gone out at home because these people were messing with the wiring. they were apparently idiots. but anyway, the roadrunner went out with it, and it wouldn’t come back on. that problem got fixed. then, my mom blew a fuse vacuuming, and the computer shut off, and when it came back on, it wasn’t logged onto my name, so apache wasn’t running. no site :( after all this, my IP changed twice, so i had to e-mail the domain.com people twice and tell them a different IP both times, each taking 1-2 days to get it updated. one would get up, and then it would’ve changed in less than 24 hours. pretty shitty, eh?
anyway, all that is done with (i hope). school was alright today. comp. sci. was boring, because we started this stupid marine biology case study thing and i’d rather sit and do nothing for 50 minutes. i’ll live. i went in the library and worked on physics during 2nd period (yes, blake. i’m sorry i missed biscuitville again). i felt bad. all we did in physics was go over old homework problems. i found out i stayed up late last night doing homework, when in reality, the homework i did was tonight’s homework. i lost sleep over that crap! i was pissed! but hey, i don’t have to do it tonight. i guess it works out better that way. i had to go around to the art teachers today when i got back to school after career center. i got to take pictures of student artwork that was hanging up various places. i hate doing that. the only plus is going in random classrooms and interrupting class, and usually i know the vast majority of the people in there (not saying i like the vast majority, either). i guess that doesn’t really matter though. the other art teacher is at least like 8 inches shorter than me. i was like holy jesus, i have to look down! that doesn’t happen very often. all we did in math was take notes on crap i did last year. i skipped lunch today and went to the media center to read some stuff for us hist. when i was in there, a bunch of the sophomore/freshmen guys were up hanging out on the couch before the bell rang. they have yet to tell me all their names. but they’re sweet guys. i love meeting new people. they go to the site during computer class and stuff. lol let’s just hope i don’t get called to the office or anything. and max magically appeared out of frickin nowhere (which was actually behind the bookshelves) and handed me a pack of caffeine candies. god those are good. and they’re way too addictive. i ate half the pack during 7th period, and i was pretty wired for a while. i had to present my political cartoon on the missouri compromise in us hist. today, too. i made a typo, and actually the typo made more sense than what i was thinking of putting. extra points for whit! and once again, in english, yoder, zack, ryan, and matt proceeded to call me midget, and throw paper balls at my head. i gotta admit, it’s hilarious, but one day, i will kick their asses. they’ll get what’s coming to them.

i went straight to work after school today. i got there a little early to check something on my sites before i got started, and tried to get online and the damn thing wouldn’t connect. that was a huge bummer, but i got started early. i guess that’s a good thing. but the lady i work with, rebecca, didn’t know any flash whatsoever. i ended up teaching her, and finishing 2 of her projects. she still has no idea what she’s doing. :) fun stuff. if only i had a little patience, i might’ve been able to teach her better.

i had to take the car to the shop again today. my dad made an appointment to get the AC fixed, so we were there for about 30 minutes while they did whatever they had to do. i drove home after that and here i am, incredibly bored. now i get to do homework.

10.20.02 | 6:52 PM | posted by whit
i wish this weekend wasn’t over. school is going to suck ass this week. =\
yesterday was one of my busiest days in a long time. i worked 10-3 at pizza hut, and i was the only waitress. god, did that ever suck. my mom came in for a bit, and luckily she came in when things were slowing down a little. i made some really good tips, so that made up for it. 3 groups of 8 came in in a period of 5 minutes, and then other people would come in in 4’s, and you get the picture. i’m one of those obsessive compulsive neat freaks, so if i don’t have everything under total control, i spaz and nearly have a panic attack. and that’s what ended up happening. i ended up leaving at around 4 or so.

i went home to my mom’s house for a little while and took a shower, sat down for a little while and rested, and got dressed and ready to go out again. doug & i went to hooters last night ;x that was interesting, to say the least. it wasn’t my first time, so it wasn’t a big surprise or anything. what was weird was that a lot of the girls who work there are either drop outs or graduates from my high school, and none of them i really got along with too well. oh well. as soon as we got there, i saw like 4 or 5 different people that i knew standing outside waiting just to get in. doug & i waited for almost an hour, but it was fun. it was a tid bit chilly last night though, and i had left my jacket in the car. i was too lazy to go and get it, so i stood there cold instead. i think they gave us the oldest possible waitress, and i also think she was bi. usually, you’d expect the girls to flirt with the guys who go to eat there. the woman was calling me sweetie, and tapping me, and holding onto my arm, and staring at my boobs whenever she walked by. if you’re gonna do that to someone, don’t make it quite that obvious. doug kept making fun of me for it too.. =\ at least my grilled cheese and curly fries were good. i figured since this was my 2nd time at a hooters, and i’d never gotten anything, i had to buy something this time. i got a shirt ;x it’s gray and says “hootersbilt” on the front in an orange sparkly logo. it’s really cute, but i got it mainly as a joke. usually guys get shirts. but, i guess i’m cool now (not really). it’s on the webcam snap right now.

we left hooters around 8:45 and went straight to ziggy’s. jump little children and tinker’s punishment (their openers) were playing. that show was AMAZING. that was definitely one of the best shows i’ve been to. i’d heard both of them before, but they’re even better live (i thought so, anyway). we kinda got the shaft when it boiled down to finding a place to stand. we were on the lower level next to the stage, but we were the back row in the lower level up against the wall. i mean, it’s music, and yeah you can listen, but it’s nice being able to see who’s playing :) it’s all good. when doug & i got there, tanner, sam, elizabeth, betsy, ben, will, brandy(sp?), and a few other people were already there. we stood with all them. melissa & another will showed up later on in the show. it was so crowded. i got completely squished most of the show, and the guy in front of me who was hugging all over his girlfriend kept elbowing me in the boob whenever they swayed back and forth dancing. i was like, get OUT of my bubble. >:o ugh. i was so tired from getting up at 7 already, so by the time midnight rolled around, i was falling asleep standing up. i was still listening, which was weird, but my eyes wouldn’t open (i was trying to blink, really), and i couldn’t stand up straight without teetering. doug didn’t know what was wrong with me; all he could see was the top of my head waving back and forth. he didn’t wanna drive home and be too tired, so we left around 12:15 or so. i got home at 12:40, or around then, and went to sleep at 1:30 or so, only to wake up 6 hours later.

today was pure hell, and i’m gonna leave it at that. i don’t feel like being a bitch on the blog today. =\

10.18.02 | 9:34 PM | posted by whit
what’s up you guys! i just got home, and god i’m tired.
school was incredibly boring, as usual. i nearly fell asleep in english. i’m getting a little tired of talking about edgar allan poe. he’s a great writer, don’t get me wrong. but, mrs. conrad has gone overboard.

i dropped off jordan & andy (it could’ve been tommy, but they’re twins, and i have yet to figure out how to tell them apart) and southwest elementary, and then me & doug met up at mcdonalds afterwards. we sat there for a while and ended up going back to my house. my internet is now fixed :D thank you doug! so my site is somewhat back up. you have to use an IP address, but i don’t care. as long as domain.com figures out whatever they’re doing over there, i’ll be happy. however, if they don’t figure it out, i’m gonna be uber PISSED OFF!

i went home and took a shower and cleaned my room and all that good stuff. at around 6 or so i left to go to cameron’s house. he lives at least 15 minutes away from me. big al came back from texas to visit! i’ve missed him bunches, and he’s one of my closest friends. god i was so happy when he told me he was coming home. that was the highlight of my school year. i had met up with him during 3rd lunch today, and he sat with me for a little bit, and then walked me to my 6th period class. but anyway, he’s staying at cameron’s house until sunday morning. so i hung out with him and cameron and ryan for a few hours tonight. it was so much fun; they’re such sweethearts. i don’t want him to go back to texas :( he’s gonna go up to pizza hut tomorrow with ed when i’m working, so that’ll be good.

i’m gonna go work on the site and try to figure out what’s going on with the DNS. i’ll post later.

10.15.02 | 7:19 PM | posted by whit
yesterday afternoon after i got back from ryan’s, i just kinda sat around here for a while. doug ended up coming over at like 10:45 or so after work. my dad & christine were totally dead to the world when he showed up, and apparently they didn’t even know he came over. he left at 12, and that front door wakes even wakes me up in the middle of the night when it’s opened. i don’t know how they slept through my making noise in the kitchen. i must’ve dropped just about everything. i didn’t end up going to sleep until around 2 or so. i stayed up talking to brad & blake for a long time.
today was so so boring! ahhh… i woke up at 12 :D and man it felt great. i love sleeping in. i woke up and sat around in my pajamas for a while and talked online. i eventually got up and took a shower and got ready for work. i left here at around 2:15 or so and got to the office at 2:30. i’m almost done with one of my projects at work. i’m so excited! and if i could put it online, i would, but i don’t think that would go over well. i left there at 5 and drove home to get some clothes, and then drove back to my dads house.

so, here i am, with nothing to do. oh well.

10.14.02 | 9:54 PM | posted by whit
this weekend has been interesting, to say the least. yesterday and today were so much fun. thank you ry~ry! hugs
yesterday i got to ryan’s at around 8:30 or so. we sat around, and watched shrek :) hahaha great movie! i’ve watched that movie at least 3 times at her house already. we are such tards. when it was over, we just kinda sat around in her room. we were talking to her ex online for a little while, and i think he’s regressing. it’s disgusting how immature he’s gotten which seems impossible because i couldn’t stand him 8 months ago when they went out. that dilemma ended, and only 5 minutes later another one started. i ended up crying myself to sleep last night, for reasons which i will not post. but, thanks doug for letting your weird friends get on your computer and talk to me. that was not good. on top of that, ryan has 4 cats. i’m very allergic, so i start to go to sleep, and the cat starts licking my face, and i start to react to all that. my eyes started watering and i couldn’t breathe until i took a shower this morning.

once we got dressed and stuff, we decided to go bra shopping. grumbles i hate bra shopping. at least it wasn’t for me though. i ran around the store aimlessly looking for bras for her, while she was in the dressing room with about 8 of them. it was craziness. we gave up on that idea since it didn’t work too well. we just went straight to the comfy clothes section. we decided to get windpants & a cute baggy t-shirt for both of us. i got this shirt that says ‘think out of the box’. i felt special when i found it (don’t ask why, it just amused me), and i also got some black windpants. and oh my goodness they’re so darn comfy!

alright, that’s enough of the shopping stuff. we drove to wendys after that. we were watching the hot guys in nice cars drive by. there weren’t very many. actually, there was only 1. we can still pretend. we went to her house after that and she finished cleaning her room, so i just sat on AIM and watched her run around her room for about an hour. it’s funny to watch her clean, because every once in a while she makes random noises. either that or she eventually runs into something :D like last night, for example. she was laying on the bed with her head at the foot, and she picks up her head to say something to me, and then slams it back down. since she was at the foot, however, she didn’t hit the matress. she hit the wood part on the end of the bed :x now, i laugh at everything, so naturally, i just busted out laughing when this happened. she was just laying there, not moving. that part kinda freaked me out, but then she started squeaking so at least i knew she was ok. god that was hilarous. :) i’m so mean.

i left her place at about 5:20 or so this afternoon and drove back to my dads. i’ve been here ever since. i’m a poster over at erik’s site (enfringe.net) and both he and jay added me to their cam portals. they’re awesome, and very sweet, so go to their site if you get a minute. i spent at least half an hour reading jay’s site a while back. thanks to you guys who have been signing my guestbook and writing me awesome e-mails. i owe y’all :) and bunches of thanks go out to all you people who have recently linked me. :O argh. we left around 8:20, and i dropped him off and went home. needless to say, it was a very cool evening.

stellarexistence (6:18:36 PM): any idea what a Hard Drive Controller does?
stellarexistence (6:18:48 PM): I only know words like “Nintendo” and “Website”

^ sorry matt :x i had to do it. you know i love ya.