my first day of classes didn’t quite go as i had planned. i don’t know what it is about gloomy, rainy days, but it just made it that much more uncomfortable.

i got on the appalcart and it was more crowded than i’ve ever seen it besides on a game day. i spent the entire trip with a strange guy’s butt lodged in my gut. pleasant, i know. so that was a fun way to start the morning.

i got to class late because the appalcart was late. i think walking into a classroom late is one of the most awkward feelings ever. luckily, my professor likes me because i made an A in her previous class. hooray for being a suck up! i could barely keep my eyes open, though, and the only thing that saved me was kimmie making faces at me across the room and kyle feeding me bubble gum the whole time. i love my friends.

kyle and i went to the cafeteria and got chick-fil-a for lunch. that’s one thing i really missed about boone–my meal card and eating on campus. god, i love it. that was fun, aside from getting soaked on the walk across campus. i stopped by tech. support and worked for a couple hours. man, that place has changed a LOT. i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, yet, but i am determined to put some serious hours in this semester. it was definitely nice being back.

i think my 2:00 TR class is going to be the best class EVER. my professor is one of my favorite professors. he’s a total nerd and you can tell he loves his job. he created this class on his own because of the rising interest in linux and security, and he has put a LOT of work into making it what it is. i’m so excited about it. basically, it’s a hacking class and we are going to be doing a ton of cool shit. we will be doing a bunch of labs and i volunteered to be a lab assistant/instructor so i’ll get to do the labs early and then help everyone else with them after classes. i think i’ll learn a lot more that way, and i’ll basically be forcing myself to study. can’t hurt. annnd… it’s a class of 20 guys. i’ve never turned redder than i did this afternoon when i walked in the door.

so it sounds like i had a really good day. it would have been awesome if not for the crappy weather. [if you are a male, stop reading here.] and the fact that my period didn’t decide to happen when i was walking to my 2:00 class. yep. right when i was walking to class. i. was. mortified. i hauled ass to the bathroom and debated on going to class, but i knew it was gonna be a fun one and i also knew if i took the bus or if i had my roommate come pick me up, i’d be waiting for about the same amount of time, so i might as well suck it up and go. i’m so lucky i wore a hoodie today. so lucky. i wore it around my waist like a badass for the rest of the afternoon. go figure, it happens right before i go into a classroom full of men. definitely can’t ask any of them for a tampon…!

my awesome roommate (i freaking love olivia) picked me up from campus and we shared horrible period stories on the ride home. i heated up some pasta, showered, got snuggled into my pajamas, and passed the hell out on the couch for about an hour. adam called and woke me up and i told him about my disaster that could have been 100 times worse had i not had that hoodie with me and he made me feel better. :blush2: man, i miss him a lot.

ok, need to go work on websites. sorry for slacking but between moving and classes starting i’ve been a bit sidetracked. i’ll get on the ball soon.