i’ve been all over the freaking place the last week and i think this is the least that i’ve been on my computer all summer. that’s sad, isn’t it? it’s kind of nice taking a break from it. since i’ve been living with olivia, i’ve been going out a lot more with her and meeting up with all my old friends. i saw a few people the other night at the library and macado’s and parthenon that i hadn’t seen in years. it brought back some incredible freshman year memories. i am so not ready to graduate. i’m gonna miss the shit out of boone. basically, since wednesday, i’ve been spiraling more and more into a nostalgic craze and it’s not good. at all.

i drove to fort bragg friday night to help adam move out of the apartment into a house. he’s living with 2 guys in his platoon and i’m so glad he’s out of that shithole. and i think he’ll be a heck of a lot happier here. it feels more like a frat house here than any frat house i’ve ever been in, which is kind of weird but in a good way. there are porno mags and pizza boxes and beer cans everywhere. haha… oh, and slim shady is blaring in the next room.

it took 5 car/truckloads to pack/unpack all adam’s crap yesterday and we finally got done at 8-ish last night. i made a beer run and we all sat in front of the tv like zombies for the remainder of the evening. i haven’t sweat that much in my entire life. i was soaked all the way through all day. what sucked more than that was that i had to clean the bathroom before i could take a shower because one of our buddies who just moved out of this house has a habit of leaving a rainbow-colored moldy toilet everywhere he goes. i know this because adam had to live in the barracks that he moved out before, too. GROSS!!

so, the house is slowly turning into a home. the animals are settled in and tormenting each other. half naked posters are gradually filling the walls. the dishes are piling up. and i’ve already set cookies on fire in the kitchen.

i planned on going back to boone tonight to party but our friends are having a barbecue tonight that i want to go to, and i have a feeling the parties won’t be entirely too awesome back on the mountain due to our loss to LSU yesterday. there’s always next weekend… FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME–I WILL NOT BE MISSING IT! man, i missed football season.

i’m going to go entertain myself with zuma and sunkist until it’s time to head out. :look: