new neighbors rock

the other night, the kid that just moved in downstairs, matt, and i went to visit with the new neighbors that just moved in 2 doors down from me. he had met them earlier in the week and they said they were having people over, so we went. in my usual fashion, i brought the jar of moonshine. it seems to me you make more friends that way. or you just meet the quirkier people of the bunch first. eventually, that apartment filled up, and i have to say i definitely love knowing that i have some fun neighbors now. the girls that live nextdoor to me now are really sweet, but we don’t have anything in common aside from ex-boyfriends. the girl i met the other night is living there with her boyfriend and i think maybe another guy lives in the other room but he might just be there all the time. anyway, i ran into her again tonight when i was outside hanging out with some people and she snowboards, and she has a bike up here. this is AWESOME because i will have a girl to go boarding with now and i have someone to go biking with. since all my friends are big fat turds and moved 3 hours away to raleigh (except my lovely roommate and jill), i really have been wanting to meet some new friends so i don’t die of boredom at age 21. claire and i exchanged numbers and we’re going biking tomorrow when we get off work. i am SO excited. i now have a biking/boarding/workout partner and a whole group of odd new neighbors. this is so exciting.