feelin' like a million bucks

i just got back from the gym for the 2nd Day In A Row! lately i’ve gone like once a week, if that. also, before everyone in our little group of friends moved away, we were going hiking or swimming or doing something active pretty regularly. since i’ve got 2 weeks to do a whole lot of nothing, besides work which involves sitting on my ass just as much as my apartment does, i’ve started running every day for 30 minutes. i haven’t eaten out a single time and i’ve been eating pretty healthy–PB & J, fruit cups, salad, fruit salad, ham sandwiches, crackers & cheese, etc. and a LOT of water. i’m pretty proud of myself because i usually suck at refraining from eating junk and being lazy… so far, i feel amazing.

and my sweet new bracelet came in the mail. :up: