root canal?

today was full of more bad news than good. i went to winston and had lunch with my mom at tripps (now adam is going to be jealous) because i knew i wouldn’t be able to eat for 4-5 hours after my dentist appointment due to my face being numb. i had some of the best chicken & broccoli four-cheese pasta i’ve ever had in my life so that cheered me up before my crummy appointment. i wasn’t visiting my usual dentist this time. something about having his a phone ring directly in my ear whilst he stabs me with a giant needle of novocaine is not what i would call a healthy practice. yes, it’s a needle of novocaine, and it eventually wouldn’t hurt that bad, except for he poked in the wrong place and it most definitely did not inject any novocaine, just pure NEEDLE. this happened not once, but twice. so anyway, i requested to see a different dentist this time around. this guy was a dickhead and treated me like i was 5 years old and like i knew nothing. so instead of asking him all my questions, i asked the assistant and got much better results.

i asked her about my swelling and extremely painful episode that i had a few weeks ago and she immediately threw me into the x-ray room. i didn’t even get to finish what i was saying and she already had me in the chair with the lead vest over me and the tray in my mouth. she took one x-ray, and said, “YOU NEED A ROOT CANAL!” i was hoping for an answer such as, “IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE SINUS PRESSURE!” no such luck. so… sometime in the next few months i will probably be getting my wisdom teeth pulled and a root canal. i am so flippin’ excited! [/sarcasm]

the fillings went fine and dr. dickhead was out of my hair finally. i think my face is stretched slighly, however, because i have “such a small mouth” and this man kept yanking on my face telling me to open my mouth more but it’s kind of hard to do that when they have 2 picks, some green gooey crap, and that wand that has the blue light at the end that beeps when you get fillings put in all in your mouth at one time, and his ginormous man hand. thanks to you, dr. dickhead, my TMJ is no longer an issue. my jaw is dislocated. and my face… well, it’s just permanently lopsided.

i drove home with the windows down and the music blaring in the 102° heat. adam, i don’t know how you do it everyday wearing substantially more clothing than me. i got home and as soon as i got situated, laura and her mom burst through the door, which scared the pee out of me because she said she wasn’t returning until school started. they apparently wanted to bring the cats back because they couldn’t stand the heat in raleigh being out on the porch. i guess the cats don’t get along with their new puppy. anyway, my heart stopped for a good 5 seconds. that was nice. they did bring me chocolate, though, because i agreed to take care of the kitties. that doesn’t require much and she knows i don’t care. i like how now that i’m trying to lose weight, people give me food.

i was a bum this morning before driving to winston (i didn’t even take a shower) so i obviously didn’t get to the gym. i went tonight instead and now i feel much better. i am liking this regular work-out schedule. i ran 2 miles sunday, ran 2 miles and hiked at hebron yesterday, and ran 2 miles today–each time successfully with 0 Asthma Attacks and 2 bottles of water! it’s a miracle.

now i seriously need a shower.