long 2 years ahead

for as long as adam and i have been together, it’s been long-distance. aside from last summer when we lived together for 3 months, it’s been a lot of driving and a lot of letters and a hell of a lot of faith & trust in our relationship. it looks like that’s about to get a lot more demanding because we just found out that adam isn’t going to be able to go to special forces selection when he comes home. there are some complications in the whole process and apparently he can’t try out which means he’s most likely going to end up in italy like he had first been told over a year ago, but since that year ago, he no longer wants italy and had his heart set on staying in NC and trying out for SF. instead, he got screwed over again. i think we’re both acquiring an even greater hatred for the military. so… 2 and a half years in italy it is, i guess. at least he’ll have a little while when he comes home from iraq, and i am very thankful that he’s at least not going back to that shithole. i just wish that ONE time he could get what he was told he was going to get.

since i’m enrolled on the 5 year plan like most other students i know, i guess it will all work out in the end. if he does end up in italy (in the past 2 years, i’ve learned you can’t assume anything he is told will be set in stone until it actually happens), then i guess that means there’s a possibility of ending up there for his last year in the service. wouldn’t that be nice? :biggrin: if i could spend a weekend in tuscany, i’d be in heaven. if i could spend more than 3 weeks at a time with him again in the near future, i’d be somewhere beyond that.

on a less mushy note, my dad and i went shopping this weekend for my new laptop. we found one, but the store was sold out so it is being shipped to my apartment in 3-9 business days. i’m hoping it’s more towards the 3-day end. this is what i got. i’m pretty excited. i’m trying really hard not to think about it so it might seem like time is going by faster but that’s not working out so well. on the way home, my dad and i stopped at Farmer’s Feed & Seed and we found a deal on these boots that was hard to pass up. he bought them for me. :smile: i wore them all afternoon, regardless of the fact that they looked ridiculous with the rest of my outfit. i love them!