a breath of fresh air

aside from adam coming home, the past 5 weeks has been full of nothing but SUMMER SCHOOL and i am so glad that it’s over with. i got pretty lucky considering they’re 2 classes that i have always hated the most (economics and history) but i got 2 teachers who enjoy what they teach so they try really hard to make it interesting. for example, i usually slept in my history classes in high school, but my professor this semester was incredible. he would walk in the door on point at 12:40, say “are there any questions from last class? okay, let’s get started” and he would lecture from there on out until the end of the period, rarely taking a breath. something about the way he lectured though made it seem like a story almost and it was really hard to NOT be engrossed in it. i don’t think he was very fond of me and was actually a prick a few times so i don’t think we’d get along very well in the real world but damn, he’s a good teacher. and my economics professor was very… flamboyant. and eccentric. and had the best sense of humor ever. i think the best lecture was when he really, i mean really got into our discussion of the national debt. he pulled up this website out of curiosity and was absolutely amazed because he found out that if you hit refresh, that sum goes up by thousands every second. he had me nearly in tears because i was laughing so hard but he let out a very loud “OH SHIT! they keep going up!” and it was all downhill from there. i only wish i had gone to class more often… ohh, the joys of summer school.

on a completely unrelated note, i’m really glad that adam bought a laptop when he was home. now whenever they’re not running missions, he’s almost always screwing around online and it’s so nice to be able to keep in touch this often. i’ve been used to talking every week and a half or so for the past YEAR so this is absolutely amazing to just sign on AIM and know that he’s okay. maybe a bit bored, and hot as hell in that weather, but he’s okay. he called when i was driving home from boone this afternoon and we talked for a good hour which was really helpful in making the drive home seem like nothing. i went to my dad’s house after i left my mom’s and when i got here, i had a nice boyfriend application from him in my inbox. kind of strange that almost 2 years down the line, he’s just now filling that out. :wink: i am so lucky… and even luckier is that things between us keep getting better and better, which i didn’t think was possible.