New Layout

well, here’s a new layout. it’s been since uh, april since i put a new one up. i don’t like this one (do i ever like the stuff i make?) but it’s different so it’ll be here for a while. coughprobably another 6 monthscough oh well. after 10 years of making webpages, i do believe i’m running out of ideas entirely. that’s so sad… :sad: i need to discover a new graphics program where i can make sweet layouts and not have to sit and stare at a blank photoshop screen for an hour before the slightest idea comes to my head.

it’s almost the weekend… and my econ. test is tomorrow. i’m just a little nervous… first tests always suck because you never know what kind of questions the teacher asks. lucky me, i get the worst econ. teacher on campus according to everyone else. yay!

i should go study. i’ve been messing around online for entirely too long.