Such Friendly Neighbors

there are 2 guys outside my window on the phone and they’re talking about beating the pulp out of some kid tonight. kinda scary… yeah. i’m pretty sure something bad is going to rock someone’s world tonight… yikes! glad i ain’t that other guy. get in yo’ busted ass pick-up truck and QUIT CURSING NEXT TO MY WINDOW because there’s an axe next to me and i’ll use it if you don’t shut up. stupid retarded druggie kids.

if it weren’t for and i don’t think i could keep myself from smacking one of them. :angry:

the rest of my neighbors are cool. the other side of the apartment complex definitely reeks of weed and everyone here drinks or parties every night. lots of hippies, lots of crazy people, lots of people that like to party and have fun a lot. everyone just needs to get along and that way no one will be yelling through my window anymore… :smile: