Crackin' Down

ugh. the past couple days have been good days but not as exciting as has been the rest of my semester. i’ve got 3 big tests coming up, one friday and two next week. i think i’ll be very ready for them, but i’m still trying to chill out and stay home at night and do some work. procrastination is nooot cool. mine’s gotten so bad!

tonight was another flag football game and the appaholics won again! it’s a 3-0 record and still going strong. my boys are kickin’ some ass. me, colin, will, and dustin went by the market afterwards and i got my grocery shopping done. i definitely dropped ONE of my grocery bags and go figure, it’s the one with the eggs in it. so, no scrambled eggs or deviled eggs for me. dammit, that’s my luck i s’pose. :satisfied:

i’m gonna try to look over my econ. notes, or maybe accounting. i like that one better but econ. is what i need to study for. i’m not gonna worry about art until tuesday because that one will be a piece of cake. ugh.

i can’t wait until this weekend! i’m going home friday night (a miracle, i know!) and hopefully i’ll get to see my mom AND my dad AND my stepmom this time. i haven’t seen my dad or christine in 2 months. i’m leaving for raleigh saturday morning to meet grainger, puhlman, and chapin and we’re gonna party there for the rest of the weekend. i’m so excited because i miss these kiddos like hell and now that they’re home i don’t want them to leave again. why do they have to send troops BACK to iraq next summer? another one of my buddies is leaving for iraq saturday and god it’s just one after the other getting shipped out someplace new.

i’m done ranting. it’ll be a quiet night tonight. bryant, where are you?! help me with my econ. :sad: pleeeease.