Camp Lejune :)

this weekend was so damn great. grainger, i missed the hell outa you dude. after 8 months of being away from my best friend, not a damn thing has changed still. thank you!!! :smile:

i left boone friday after classes and drove to winston to say hey to my mom and pick up a few things. i got to camp lejune around 9:30 and grainger and i ran around wal-mart and waffle house and eventually made it to wilmington around 3:30 AM. i passed out watching cartoons and grainger ran to the gas station in his boxers as the sun was starting to come up. what a freak. anyhow, the stupid cleaning lady woke us up at 10 AM so grainger decided it would be a good idea to get up and go. we went and got bojangles and met up with becky (hooray becky!!!) and we began our adventurous day. we spent most of the day running back and forth between jacksonville and wilmington. we met up with puhlman (i missed you, dude!!) and chapin and his girlfriend. we all went to chili’s and ate dinner and hung out and found ourselves back in jacksonville that night.

last night was NUTS! everyone was trashed except grainger pretty much. what a party pooper! he was tired so i understand. but geez. i got into the jagermeister, jameson’s, goldschlager, and bud select. ’twas a great night… i got lots of pictures too! i’m so stoked for our road trip to ohio. it will definitely be one hell of a good time with lots of crazy memories.

after much procrastination, grainger and i left and drove back to winston. we ran around the mall for a little while and i headed back to boone. i got my mexican craving fulfilled yet again with bryant at dos amigos when i got back. so good.. :biggrin: anyhow, it’s 11:30 and i’ve gotten about 10 hours of sleep the past 2 nights so i need to hit the hay. i have to get up early… yuck.

grainger and puhlman, you guys are the best. i miss y’all and i will see ya in a couple weeks. :smile: