Losing My Miiindd!!

today was just nuts. really. i want to just relax…. check this out, y’all. bad day… after such a nice streak of great days. why? just why? :angry:

i woke up late (10:21 am, to be exact) because i slept through my alarm. full blast, skid row at 7 AM… right next to my head. not even 2 feet away. didn’t budge. i don’t understand. i even went to bed at midnight last night. not late at all!

so i IMed rob at work and james came and picked me up since the appalcart comes at 10:20ish. i was screwed. he got me at about 10 ’til and i went to lunch with ry~ry and bryant and then went to my lit. class. we had a quiz and sparknotes had all my answers (woohoO!!) so my butt was saved. i DSL“. no, sir. no. just no. what seems to be the problem? your high-speed DSL has gone doooowwwwnnnnn and your internet is day-ed. 40 minutes wasted. fjkd;sajflsadjf!!111@$#&@*

then brent asks me to help this foreign girl set up a website for her professor. come to find out… she’s never done web stuff before, doesn’t know the address of the website she’s working on, doesn’t know her own password to get to her appstate webspace, and so when i give her the code to create a link for if and when she does happen to get on that website, she asks, “where do i put this?” what do you tell someone who asks that? i mean i could say between the tags but that won’t do much good when there are about 8 billion other characters in there. i have a feeling i’ll be getting an e-mail from her soon.

dear god, help me. i wanted to scream so loudly. i’ve never had patience in my whole life and i picked the absolute worst job when it comes to that. i love my job, don’t get me wrong. but sometimes, i think my head’s going to pop.


sorry, guys. :blush: i’ll be better after i finish my sandwich. i’m going to a movie with bryant tonight!! :smile: if you read this, thank you for the past few days! you are awesome.