moving day! hungover!

i’m a genius.

anyway, my dad and i moved my stuff into my apartment today. he bought me a futon and a desk and i’ve made it all cozy. complete with brand new hole in the ceiling thanks to my dad’s amazing studfinding abilities. didn’t work quite like he planned. my bathroom is huge and my room is about the size of my room at home and the living room is absolutely freaking GIGANTIC. i could put a pool in there. my roommate isn’t here yet but she’s supposed to be coming soon. then maybe we’ll have furniture!! that’ll be nice because right now, there isn’t any. we got the necessities and groceries and i think i’m going to like it here, assuming my roommate and i get along. i haven’t met her yet but she seems nice and she went to tabor so we’ll see.

matt came over and fixed my hanging thing in the bathroom. it’s this big pink net tube thing and it hangs from the ceiling and finally got the hooks to go in. unfortunately, there are now 2 holes in the ceiling. but one is covered up with a camouflage bandaid. they’ll never figure it out… :secret: yeah right.

i just spoke to mary on the phone and apparently she’s not coming until tomorrow instead. her moving guy got stuck in traffic and was late getting to NC so they’re waiting until tomorrow to come up. sigh. i’m all by my lonesome and i have no tv. just the computer. and i don’t know anyone up here except for rodda… and he’s at work ’til late. i would walk around and meet people but we just got a wicked thunderstorm… and it’s crappy outside. i suppose tonight will be a quiet one. except for my neighbors pounding on the walls with hammers. i don’t know if i should go over there or not, they weren’t very friendly this afternoon. plus their boyfriends are over, so that’d probably be a bad idea anyway.

at least i have a big comfy bed! i’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

oh yeah, matt took pictures of me stuffing myself in a giant plastic bag.