adam just called. at 4 in the morning. he’s in iraq now, he’s been in kuwait since the 23rd and now they’re finally in iraq. he was at the PX and he figured he’d give it a shot and it made everything feel so much better. i don’t know how 10 minutes on the phone makes the world seem so much different but i guess he has that effect on me. he said he wrote me a letter and i just finished writing his second one when he called so i can’t wait to get something in the mail in a week or 2. just one more thing to look forward to. :biggrin: there’s no way i’m going to sleep tonight because that’s all i’ll be thinking about for quite a while.

shawnee and i aren’t going to live together. plans changed. she’s not moving down here and i’m going potluck on a roommate at the same apartment complex. i called today and the guy told me that there is a girl looking for a roommate because one of hers is moving out which is awesome. she has a poodle puppy and loki gets along with every dog she’s met so far so i don’t think it’ll be a problem at all. she’s a big baby so if anything, she’ll probably be scared of it if it growls at her. i’m going to give the girl a call tomorrow since she didn’t answer her phone today and try to talk to her about when i can move in. all my paperwork is filled out so all we have to do is go up there, make the payments, and sign the lease. i just want to move in somewhere so i can quit living out of a suitcase, get my crap unpacked and actually make somewhat of a “home” for myself. at least i’ll be living near rodda so i’ll have someplace to go hang out. i don’t know if i know anyone else in the complex, i’m sure i do, but i’ll just have to see who i run into.

i can’t stop smiling and i feel like i’m going to explode with happiness!! :blush: god, i’m retarded. i love you, adam.