happy :)

i got a phone call yesterday. i had been waiting for it for a while since it’d been over a week since i’d heard from him. someone started a nasty rumor with the FRG giving us all a scare so hearing his voice was awesome… as always. i have lots of stuff to send him so hopefully i can get it in the mail by tomorrow. tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day… first day of classes. not so thrilled but what can ya do.

loki took a shower with me this morning and i’ve been trying to teach her to speak. it’s not working like i planned but she’s getting there. maybe i need to watch the dog whisperer or something. at least she knows how to sit and she is housebroken now. except when she gets excited, and then she will attempt to give someone or something a golden shower. :yell: right now she’s busy taking all of her chew toys out of her cage and throwing them around the living room like it’s nobody’s business. this means i’ll have fun finding them and putting them all back… but she’s having fun. i never knew having a dog would allow you to meet so many people. i got home yesterday morning around 2-3 AM and took her out to go to the bathroom and we went all around the whole apartment complex. there were a ton of parties so there were kids all over the place and loki was in heaven. she dragged me up to 3 parties and successfully licked every square inch of every boy on every porch, and jumped on all the girls which was an automatic cue for simultaneous “awwwwww”‘s. she had her own cup of keg beer which got her all wound up and she didn’t want to stop partying anytime soon. i had a hard time getting her to leave that place. she’s definitely a people dog.

i’ve been hanging out with a new crowd of people lately aside from the tech. support crew. it’s been pretty awesome because they are really fun people and i always have people to geek out with while i’m drunk. the past few nights have been spent with a deck of cards, whiskey, my camera, and lots of new faces popping up. it’s starting to feel like college again. :biggrin:

gotta go get ready for work… i’ll put up pictures soon. :up: