Moldy Strawberries = Freak Out And Drop Them

i went to wal-mart tonight because i told adam i was going to come up with something delicious to make for us since he’s cooked the last 8723 times (unless it was hamburger helper, i rock at making that stuff). little does he know, i didn’t exactly come up with anything. i borrowed this recipe from Ree. heh… he will never know! unless he reads this. crosses fingers

i was browsing the produce section in wal-mart when i saw strawberries for $1.50 and got an instant craving for strawberries covered in sugar (thanks, mom!! :mad: ) and immediately grabbed a box. i started looking at them and rolled them all over and i actually touched a giant tuft of furry mold that felt more like a mole (the kind with 4 legs and a stubby tail, not the bodily kind) or a rabbit than any kind of fruit i would dare put in my mouth. it caught me off guard and i jumped back from the box (that i was holding) …which left the box in mid air with nothing to hold it …which left strawberries all over… :eek: i’m so smooth.

i got back home and went to let the dogs out. i couldn’t find jack’s leash so i took them out one at a time. usually jack is good about coming back when we let him out without a leash. he goes out, does his business, and comes back in. last night was not the case, so today since i didn’t feel like running all over the place playing his games, i put loki’s leash on him. little kids startled him and he ran, broke the leash, and flew back in the apartment. we’d been out for a while so i figured he was done because he usually doesn’t like going back inside.

i started unloading groceries and getting settled eating crackers and cheese and lemonade and as soon as my butt hit the couch, jack started doing the spin-in-circles-before-you-poo routine and i started hollerin’ as loud as i could. it didn’t phase him, so i picked him up and put him outside on the porch so he could run downstairs and do his business …again. what i didn’t realize was when i carried him to the door, he was still poo-ing in mid air. he left a nice “hansel and gretel” like trail.

now that i have restored order in the apartment, i’m enjoying a cheese ball with cracked wheat crackers and lemonade watching Mad TV. 5 minutes ago i FINALLY realized who my orthodontist reminds me off–BOB NEWHART. it took me this long to figure that out. 6 years. i’m an idiot.

after i finish relaxing on this gorgeous day, i’m finally going to crack down and write my history paper and start making up things to put in my networking presentation. that’ll be interesting.