Fun Fact For Today!

i will make a real post tomorrow or thursday, i promise. but i couldn’t help but write this little tidbit before going to sleep.

i was running late trying to get to my 3:30 exam today. i was rushing to get my things together and rushing to get dressed and rushing to just get my butt out the door. i wanted to get a good parking spot on campus so i didn’t have to continue rushing to my building. parking is not free and if you are in your spot for a minute over the allotted time, you will get a ticket. to make it better, bill clinton was speaking at our campus today so traffic was unbelievably insane. if i wanted a decent spot, i had to leave as soon as possible and i had to wait until i got on campus to change into jeans and a t-shirt (i was still in my pajamas) after finding a parking spot that was somewhat close to where i needed to be. today was just one of those days… and of course i’d already missed the appalcart by barely a minute and driving to campus was my last resort.

SO. i got to campus and got a really freaking good parking spot in the parking deck which is like a whole 200 yards (if that) from the building my exam was in. i couldn’t believe it and practically jumped for joy. practically. i started trying to change in my car–no easy feat. it’s a tiny car and although i’m a tiny person, limbs flailing around doesn’t work so well. i got my shirt changed and i got my pants changed. i was in business, or so i thought.

i walked into the building and started going towards my classroom when i realized 1) i had to pee and 2) my leg felt really weird. it felt… (for lack of a better word) squishy. i promise this is not disgusting. it’s safe to keep reading.

somehow, my underwear had gotten stuck in my pant leg and was all balled up inside my pant jeans. if some random guy walked past me, he probably thought i had a giant tumor or a hamster shoved up my pant leg. the only thing i could think at the time was, i’m glad it wasn’t the other leg. the other leg has a giant hole ripped in the back so if it had been in that leg, i would’ve had a nice pair of undies dangling out the back of my jeans. i’m a freaking retard.