if you haven’t been watching the news or sports or hearing all the bustle, and are that far out of the loop, APPALACHIAN STATE DESTROYED MICHIGAN SATURDAY! biggest upset in modern college football history. i only wish i had driven to michigan or had been able to watch that game on TV. i definitely missed it, and even more importantly, i missed the chaos that ensued after the big game. maybe when we win the championship again this year, i will be in Chattanooga this time.

so instead of being in Boone with all the drunk people, i was in good ol’ swansboro, north carolina with grainger! i am so glad i went. i miss hanging out with that kid so much and it was awesome to just hang out like we used to and not worry about anything. the first day i got down there, we went straight to the gas station, picked up ice and a 12-pack, and drove to the beach. we sat on the beach for a good 3 and a half hours and talked and talked and talked and people-watched. evidently, everyone in the swansboro/jacksonville area has a kid.

grainger deep fried us some buffalo wings which cleared up my sinuses in about .064 seconds. i don’t know how he eats some of the things he does. i suppose buffalo wings are better than those damn disgusting Penrose Sausage things out of a can. i used to have to hold my vomit when i’d watch him eat those… dunking them in texas pete. :grr: gross.

we ate and watched TV and i showered and we got ready to go to JoJo’s, a little bitty biker bar/pool hall at the end of his parking lot. we walked over there and played a few games of pool, hung out for a while, and when the bartender went to ring up our tabs, i believe he miscalculated. a lot. our combined tabs were only $14 for what should’ve been about $25 worth of booze. YES! i went to bed happy.

the next day we went to CiCi’s for Breakfast. grainger is strange… so we had buffalo chicken pizza, macaroni pizza, alfredo pizza, and heavenly desserts for Breakfast. i know you’re all jealous. after letting that heart attack settle, it was time to take Loki to the ocean.

loki had never been in the ocean and i was surprised at how well she took to it. she was nervous at first and i had to drag her ass in there but she did it… and she was actually hopping around and enjoying herself. there were other dogs on the beach too so maybe that helped. i’ve not been in the ocean when it was this warm in i don’t know how long. it was like bathwater and there were barely any clouds. it was gorgeous.

we had junk food for dinner, baked cookies, and relaxed for a bit before going back to JoJo’s. that was an entire fiasco in itself because everyone went that night and it was awesome. some girl spilled her entire life story to me and i learned a lot more than i ever wanted to know. i was pretty lit that night so my camera came out a lot more than the rest of the weekend, so the pictures in the gallery… i don’t have a good excuse for most of them other than we were whiskey-drunk and there was a lot of country music in the background. i learned that grainger tends to be That Guy in the background making a weird face while no one else knows he’s there.

despite the great time i had, i had to leave tuesday afternoon. the drive home sucked because everything reminded me of adam. being in a military town made me wish i was living at fort bragg again with adam in our apartment like last summer. high and tights were everywhere, along with big trucks, welcome home signs for the soldiers lining the fences, uniforms, barbers, tattoo shops, and surplus stores. it was like being back all over again and i halfway expected myself to drive back to cambridge arms and open the door and see my baby passed out on the couch, still in work clothes, with loki at his feet. and then i got to raleigh and drove past the hotel we stayed at before he left to go back to iraq and i lost it at that point. it felt good to cry about it again.

it’s 2:15, i’m still in pajamas, i have a meeting at 7 and i have to meet with our Red Bull rep. for the gaming club in a little while. i should probably get a move on.