i <3 vh1

i’m laying on the couch at my mom’s house. she’s gone to bed already. she fell asleep during sleepless in seattle and i watched you’ve got mail all by myself. i’m too lazy to get off the couch and put another sappy chick flick in so i turned the channel to VH1 and I HAVE STRUCK GOLD, PEOPLE. they just played iron maiden, kiss, and dokken music videos without commercials and i don’t even know what’s going to come on next. if it’s another badass hair metal song, it might just blow my mind. so many Badass-ness Waves are flowing out of the TV right now and i don’t know if i can handle it anymore.

i am driving to camp lejeune in the morning to visit GRAINGER finally! i can’t wait. after over a year and a half of not seeing my best friend, i get to spend a weekend at his sweet apartment and we’re going to stumble to and from the bar at the end of his parking lot because we’re both 21 now. 3-4 years ago, if you had told either of us that we’d be going to a bar together to get wasted at camp lejeune, we would’ve both said you’re INSANE. grainger and i did NOT DRINK at all until well after i graduated and when he was already in the marines. in 2003, i don’t think being in the marines was even a thought in his screwy brain and i know that drinking was 3rd to last in the list of things i planned to do. funny how things turn out, isn’t it?

i actually hadn’t planned on doing anything at all this weekend until thursday or friday, i guess. my mom IMed me and asked if i wanted to go to the flea market/gun show in hillsville, VA and i decided that it was high time that i went and experienced a flea market. i’d never been to one. i’ve always wanted to go to one, but i figured it would be a bad idea seeing as how i have a tendency to blow money on Stupid Shit when the opportunity arises. well, i drove home last night and got here at around midnight, we woke up bright and early, and then we drove to good ol’ HILLSVILLE, VIRGINIA! yeehaw! it was a beautiful drive. i’m particularly fond of fancy gap after that drive and i absolutely loved the flea market. i’ve never seen so many quirky damn people and or such a wide assortment of Southerners (i’d use another word but i don’t know who i’d offend). hell, who am i kidding? there were a crapload of rednecks and it was awesome. i love the south. i get the best of both worlds having a yankee family and a yankee boyfriend but growing up/spending my entire life/livin’ down in these here parts. jack daniel’s was EVERYWHERE along with tye dye, guitars, banjos, antiques, singing, copenhagen tents, chocolate dipped cheesecake, antiques, deep fried everything (oreos, twinkies, fish, kabobs, chicken, turkey legs, if you gave them your shoe i’m pretty sure they would deep fry it), kettle corn, antiques, antiques, quilts, shoes, antiques, jewelry, army surplus tents, pina coladas, and did i mention antiques? and this little bastard child was riding his new toy (an ANTIQUE tiny tractor) around like a bat out of hell and he ran straight over my ankle and my foot. i had tire tracks over my foot and my mom nearly peed her pants laughing at me hysterically in the street. today i got 6 bras for $22, a tye dyed little t-shirt, and tye dyed boyshorts. i call that a very successful day. oh, and i saw 78,892 mullets.

ratt!!!!!!!!!!!, ac/dc, LA guns, loudness, and twisted sister just came on VH1. i think i’m going to write them a letter and thank them for the endless supply of leather pants, big hair, and spectacular metalness that they are playing this evening/morning. if they throw on some skid row, poison, and maybe a little cinderella or motley crue, i might shed tears of joy.