March 2004

this guy is a smart cookie 03.31.04 | 10:48 PM | posted by whit
i got another e-mail from john with this article in it. he always manages to find the best articles online. this one i found particularly helpful, though, especially since i’m about to graduate and all this crap has been on my mind 24/7. it’s a good read.

i need to breathe 03.31.04 | 8:07 PM | posted by whit
dude, i need another weekend of doing nothing, but this weekend is definitely not gonna be that weekend. friday is the day early and kennedy and jarrod are moving into their new house and the guys’ margarita night is coming up soon. i might have been volunteered by early to be the DD for this event. yay for non-drinkers! since my muffler has holes in it apparently, i have to get that fixed saturday morning before i head over to my dad’s. he and i are changing the oil in my car and rotating my tires so we don’t have to go to the car place and get charged for it like last time. that will be… fun. maybe. as for sunday, i don’t know what’s going on, but i have a feeling i’m gonna get slapped in the face with a ton of homework. i don’t know why, but i can feel it coming.

i waited at the car place for an hour today while my car got inspected. it was more like an hour and 15 minutes, but hey, that’s okay. i love spending my afternoon sitting in a freezing cold waiting room with lots of old people around me hacking up lungs and talking about the rain. there are some weird people in this city. i’m glad i had an appointment because the line was ridiculously long and all i had to do was sit and wait patiently for them to work on my car which they took right away. i almost fell asleep so i busted out the cell phone bowling and it held me over until the car was ready. the guy tells me i owe him $23 and i need a new muffler, sooo he hands me all these papers back and i get to come back to that lovely room bright and early saturday morning. i know you are all jealous.

i went and saw the guys’ new house after the inspection and it is awesome. it’s cooler than the house they’re in right now, and they have a wicked awesome closet that’s like a mini-room and i put dibs on it already. if we party at their place anytime soon, no drunks can pass out in that closet. that will be my sleeping place and only my sleeping place. i’ll raise hell if anyone above 5′ puts so much as a toe in there. unless it’s early or kennedy or jarrod because, well, they live there.

me and thomas and early went and ate dinner at la carretta because i was about to starve and i had a really bad craving. my beans and rice tasted really weird this time and it kind of makes me not want to go to la carretta anymore. that stuff isn’t supposed to taste sweet or like grape juice. ugh. i ate it anyway. i was hungry. some blondes sitting behind us spilled a 46 oz margarita and shattered the glass and they let their little kid walk around and dance in the spilled margarita. not the brightest people i’ve come across. we went to the game store nextdoor after dinner and looked for trigun stuff and i was playing with toys and talking to my buddy travis. i didn’t even know the guy worked there. i love seeing random people everywhere i go.

i’m gonna start homework soon. i left my crap out in my car and i don’t feel like getting it but i have to do chemistry because we have another test tomorrow. it’ll be the 4th test/quiz in 2 weeks. what is this woman thinking? my life shouldn’t revolve around your stupid textbook. goodnight.

holy jesus 03.30.04 | 7:02 PM | posted by whit
my brain is on the verge of exploding into tiny pieces all over. i think everyone and their mother has needed me to help them with something today and it’s making my head hurt so very badly. i don’t have all your answers, i promise. if you have a random question that is in any way computer-related, please do not ask me, for the sake of your life, and my sanity. i have no patience, take my word for it. frustration, stress, and weariness are taking over my body and soon i fear that i won’t be able to leave my room without bursting. like i told brantley, i just want to go to some random place by myself and scream at the top of my lungs until nothing more comes out.

on a lighter note, i’ve been listening to mindless self indulgence all afternoon and it is making me feel better. it brings back summer memories of living in scott’s basement with the rest of the guys and having close to no responsibility. man, we had fun. i know they all agree on that one.

what i’d love right now is a one-way ticket to south korea. that would rock.