April 2004

eww 04.30.04 | 11:27 PM | posted by whit
i just spent 4 and a half hours at the mall. we waited, and waited, and waited for john’s tux to be ready, and even after we waited forever, he still had to get it fitted. it was already paid for. why did we have to wait until the last day possible? beats me, but there was a huge line at the rental place, and lots of cranky kids waiting their turn. we entertained ourselves by watching weird kids behind us and then we walked down the hall only to find 2 windows completely shattered. some guy had gotten pissed off at his woman for not showing up, so he threw something through the windows out front of TGI fridays and shattered glass everywhere. don’t you just love people like that? i hate the mall. i really do! i’m exhausted from today and i need sleep. goodnight.

boredom 04.29.04 | 11:03 AM | posted by whit
i’m sitting in 3rd period with nothing to do. the next 45 minutes will be totally dead.

brantley and some east kids and guys i know from cisco play hacky sack every morning in the lobby at career center after 0 period and they’ve been bugging me everytime i walk by to play with them. 99% of the time i tell them no because i suck, pretty bad. there are about 6 or 7 of them that stand out there, and today i gave in because maybe brantley will quit nagging ;) now i just have to play counter-strike with him, and maybe he’ll be satisfied. i still suck at hacky sack, and it was no surprise to me that i did nothing amazing this morning. i’m sure if i gave more than the 2% effort i put forth this morning i’d be a little bit better. i suppose that’s the shyness kicking in. that and the fact that i only know 2 of those guys and i felt/looked like a bit of an outcast. life goes on. maybe i won’t feel completely stupid tomorrow if i decide to play again before chemistry.

i really wish today was friday. i’m ready for the weekend :) tomorrow i’m going with john so he can get his tux fitted for prom and then i have no clue what’s goin’ on that night. i will most likely end up at early/kennedy/jarrod/byrd’s and hang out there for a while. saturday is gonna be packed full of crap to do. i have a hair appointment at 4, dinner at 6, prom from 8-whenever at the milennium center… it should be fun :) prom is on the same day as john’s birthday and siner’s birthday, and depending on where siner decides to throw his party, i’ll either be there or with john and his friends, or if i don’t do either of those i’ll end up hanging out with james at his welcome-home party. i can’t wait! i haven’t figured out what sunday is yet. i’m taking suggestions. :D i don’t want to sit at home.

i might actually go to lunch today, which means i should be leaving in 2 minutes. i might post tonight.

back from iraq 04.28.04 | 10:56 PM | posted by whit
my buddy james just got back from iraq about 2 weeks ago. the guy was in afghanistan for a year, and he just spent 8 months in iraq. i hadn’t seen him since july and it was great to see him home in one piece. he’s awesome. i met him at the mall after school and we grabbed some sonic and walked around for a while. he’s been riding his new bike all over hell and creation so i finally got to see what all the talk was about. i still like his truck better. if only he would just hand it over… sigh i guess him allowing me to drive it from time to time is good for now :) we caught the 7:15 showing of the ladykillers and i had no clue what it was going to be about, but it was good. the beginning threw me off a little, but we both laughed the whole way through it. good times, good times. we got to have a nice long talk which was nice. i love those talks. i headed home, and now i’m bored. i suppose i should go to sleep. there are pictures up in the gallery from this afternoon. goodnight!

lucky for me 04.27.04 | 8:41 PM | posted by whit
has anyone else at my school noticed this besides me and a couple friends of mine? the vending machine upstairs has mountain dew livewire! it’s back, guys. this is all new to me. i was unaware that last summer’s livewire “only summer 2003” rampage was a total spoof. tricksey hobbitses. i’m happy, however. now i get slice AND livewire. it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. it’s conveniently located down the hall from my calculus classroom.

we received our graded final research papers in english this afternoon. i bet you can’t guess who beasted out a 95 on that junk! my 13 hours in the wake forest library paid off and it pulled my grade up a nice 6 points. that, my friends, is just peachy.

tomorrow is wednesday, which means it’s another day closer to prom! i’m going with john to his prom on saturday and it’s gonna rock. i have this gut feeling that he and zach are gonna get a pit going. yes!

i’m off to finish chemistry and the last bit of calculus.

oh dear 04.27.04 | 4:08 PM | posted by whit
sorry for the downtime earlier, guys. i’m not sure what was up with the DNS but, it wasn’t forwarding to my IP address. it was strange, ’cause my IP address worked fine for everyone who clicked it. oh well. i’m back now, and hopefully it won’t go down again. :)

i’m off to study for english and finish calculus homework. you know you just wish you could join me.

amazing weekend 04.26.04 | 11:13 PM | posted by whit
friday night was great hanging out with the guys again, finally. i hadn’t spent time with them in far too long. we played on the playground near their apartment and went to a pretty sweet diner somewhere around 2 AM i think. i tried to watch return of the king with them when we got back, but i couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. by 5 AM, i was out like a light. i woke up at noon and went to burger king with iskander and quinn. shortly after, i left them and met up with jason at his place. the last time i had seen him was in the fall when i was still working, and that was much too long ago. it was good being able to sit and talk about everything. we hadn’t done that in a while, and it was nice to just relax and not have to worry about anything. we watched kill bill so i finally got to see it. everyone i know has seen it so i figured it was about time. we went to snoopy’s for dinner and then to the rugby party that night around 10:30. i met so many people there, and it was a lot of fun. it took me a while to get used to being there and feel comfortable around everyone, seeing as how i knew 3 people there to begin with. to my surprise, everyone i met was so nice, and i had a blast. we got back around 3 AM and definitely crashed within about 20 minutes. the next day seemed like it lasted forever, which was great, ’cause waking up at 11:30 AM definitely left me with a limited amount of time. i went to bojangles with jason, sat around being lazy for a while, and then i was off again to meet brent. i had not seen this kid since august 2001 and i had no clue what to expect. we went to el rodeo for dinner and just sat and talked about when we were in australia and the future and what’s been going on in the past 3 years. it was great being able to catch up on things and get back in touch. i’ve missed that boy.

so, that’s a very brief recap of my weekend. i’d go into detail, but that would take way too much time. pictures are up in the gallery. goodnight.

@ NCSU 04.23.04 | 10:40 PM | posted by whit
so i’m at stein/derk/quinn/iskander’s apartment right now, and they’ve got the rest of their buddies over, and they’ve been playing beer pong for i guess the past hour. we made a trip to harris teeter earlier, and apparently that’s where they go to meet (aka stare down) women. go figure. hooray for oreos, juice, and paper towels. that was the quickest trip to the grocery store i’ve ever made.

i left home around 5 PM and didn’t get here until close to 7. it took forever. i forgot about friday 6:00 traffic. that was a mistake. i stopped a gas station about halfway here and definitely ran into some weird characters there. next time i drive to raleigh i’ll remember not to stop in the middle of nowhere to get gas. smart, right? anyway, i stopped at wendy’s as soon as i found one because i was about to starve, and then headed over to the apartment, and i’ve been hanging out here for the evening. i miss hanging out with my buddies. it’s been far too long!

i’m gonna go for now. i have to play photographer for a while. :) i’ll post later this weekend. and guess who doesn’t have any homework to do!

holy jesus 04.21.04 | 7:43 PM | posted by whit
i hadn’t taken a 3 hour exam in a long time, and i had forgotten how much they suck. this afternoon was ridiculous. boy, i’m glad i didn’t sign up for the 6:00 exam. i left school around 7, which means i spent a whopping 11 hours with a pencil in my hand. yes! i love to spend my days like that. too bad that was only the practice exam >:O

thank you, pam, for my fan sign! you are too awesome. :)

i have only a LITTLE homework tonight, and it consists of 5 problems, and i’m so excited, because i do believe this is the least homework i’ve had all year. SCORE!

what a day 04.20.04 | 9:22 PM | posted by whit
today seemed like the equivalent of three days all mushed together to make one really, really big one and i definitely did not like it one bit. it got a lot of things out of the way that i no longer have to worry about and the only thing i have on my mind for tomorrow is that big calculus test after school. it’s the practice exam for the AP exam at the beginning of may and i’m not sure how long it will be or how long i’ll be stuck there (i can’t remember) but it’s not going to be very exciting. i should do alright on it, though.

right after i got home from school i was out the door again. i headed to early, kennedy, jarrod, & now byrd’s house to get my homework done. john and one of his buddies showed up and we got the papers for the prom finished up with, so i’m good to go on may 1st. it should be fun :) i started homework around 5 and finished at 8:30. i only took about a 10 minute break to eat ’cause early and byrd are the best cooks ever! they cooked jambalaya, and i’d never had it before, but it rocks. everything they’ve cooked has been good. i’m eatin’ at that joint more often ;)

i’m gonna go clean my room again, get in my pajamas, watch some TV, and wait for shane to get back online. i love getting my stuff done early and not having a million thoughts wizzing through my brain before i fall asleep. it makes relaxing 100x easier. why have i not figured this out yet and actually used it to my advantage? it’s been 4 years. night.

crap 04.18.04 | 3:18 PM | posted by whit
this will be another short post. i totally forgot to post the picture of the tulips shane sent me for easter :). they’re gorgeous