February 2004

what a weekend 02.29.04 | 4:33 PM | posted by whit
man, i had an awesome weekend. i got to hang out with brent and ben and pat and brad and doug and corie and i hadn’t done that in SO long. it was great, and i needed it. i miss those guys like crazy and it was good seeing them all again, and at the same time. we were missing a few people, but that’s ok. maybe some other time.

kirby, eric, and lauren took me skiing friday night for the first time in my life and i loooved it. i thought i was gonna die when i looked at that mountain, but once i got going i didn’t want to stop. and even falling and flipping down the side of a mountain was fun. ’twas a success and i didn’t even get cold. somehow my ski bib got unzipped and i got snow all down my pants, ha. that was fun. shane called twice while i was skiing and the second time he called i just purposely wiped out flat on my ass in the middle of the slope and tried to answer the phone, but i got my ski stuck straight upwards in the snow and couldn’t turn over to get my phone out and take my mittens off quickly enough. at least i tried. i got to talk to him later that night though. the four of us went to mel’s diner after skiing and had sundaes and all that good stuff. there are lots of pictures from that night.

we walked all over downtown on king street on saturday afternoon and went to all the cool stores and ate lunch. i’m gonna have fun there next year.. it’s gonna be great. we went to the big candy store and i’m surprised i didn’t buy anything. i think it’s ’cause we went after we ate lunch and i wasn’t hungry anymore… that’s probably a good thing we went afterwards. we headed back to the dorms afterwards and just hung out for a while. kirby left and i went to eat with lauren and eric and brian at macado’s for dinner. we didn’t have to wait very long and my dinner was pretty good. i ran into david while i was there and i met up with him this morning after i woke up. he’s a good guy. lauren and i went to visit brent and brad and ben after dinner and we hung out there for a while. i took her back to her dorm and she went and watched movies with eric and brian and i went back to hang out with brent and ben and brad and everyone else. i was so tired, but it was a good night. i met some really nice people and ended up in some random dorm room watching once upon a time in mexico with a few people that i didn’t really know. but i guess i do now. i crashed in brent and ben’s room and woke up around 10 this morning.

i finally succeeded in waking brent up so he and i and ben went to backyard burger and ate lunch. i decided it was time to drive home since i didn’t want to get stuck in any traffic or end up driving as it got darker. i made it home in about an hour and 15 minutes, which was much better compared to my trip up there. i got stuck driving through downtown wilkesboro on the way there and it added about 45 minutes to my drive. yuck.

so i’m back home, and my room is finally cleaned, and i’ve put up MORE “memorabilia” on my walls after this weekend. i’m running out of room… :( i’ll figure something out eventually.

i’m debating on whether or not i want to do chemistry homework now. i don’t really feel like it. i keep looking at this weekends pictures. they’re up in the gallery now.

too much library time 02.25.04 | 8:23 PM | posted by whit
the past 2 days, i’ve spent my afternoon at the wake forest library. yesterday was a wicked 4 and a half hours, and today was about 3 and a half. i’m sick of books, and i’m sick of research. and the paper isn’t even due for nearly a month. but the annotated bibliography is due friday, and i want to get as much research done so i don’t get stuck researching on my spring break in orlando. i’m not ruining my nice long vacation.

i think i had the worst possible luck today. school went alright. it was boring, but it wasn’t bad. i left school and went straight home and changed clothes. i was gonna go to the library again and i was gonna bring the rest of my books with me, and i definitely left them in the house. so i turned around, came back home, and got my stuff together. i left again, and i headed for the gas station. i forgot that the gas station i decided to go to doesn’t have an ATM machine, and i definitely only had $10 on me, and i had already pumped $20.02 (yeah, the 2 cents pissed me off, too). i told the lady i’d leave my license with her while i went across the street to the ATM. thank god she was a nice old lady who let me go. so i drive over to the ATM and of course, it’s out of order. so i’m looking for another bank, and i get there, and i get $20 out, and when i pull the money out of the machine, it rips. ha. so i went back to the gas station, and i told the nice lady what happened, and she just sat there and laughed. but she did take the money and gave me my change and i was on my way. by that point, i was just starting to consider going back home and barracading myself in my room so nothing bad could happen to me. i was about to starve so i went to wendy’s and grabbed some food and i was sitting at the stoplight, and it was a right on red. there was no one coming at all, the road was completely clear… except the 5 or so people lined up behind me. and of course, i’m just sitting there waiting for the light to turn green. don’t ask why, because i don’t know what was going through my head. they started honking and i freaked out and i stomped on it, and i was finally on my way to wake forest. i had nicely hid the books that i used yesterday in a secret spot in the library and i was happy to find them all exactly where i had left them. nice and convenient. i think i would’ve just sat and cried if they had gotten reshelved. that library is enormous, and if someone just picked out the ones i hid out of random, it would’ve had to be a message from satan himself telling me that he hates me, and doesn’t want me to have a good day. i sat for a few hours and took more notes and got copies of everything i needed, and then i went and sat in another room and finished calculus homework. josh showed up and said hey to me, and i hadn’t seen him in ages, so it was fun. i miss that kid. he was one of my physics buddies last year. it was good seeing him again. i finished up homework, and i got home just a few minutes ago.

now i have to finish english homework and work on the last of my chemistry. i think senior year is gonna turn me antisocial. only 88 more days. i think i can make it.

i’m done ranting for now. goodnight.

hand cramps 02.24.04 | 11:11 PM | posted by whit
i spent 4½ hours at the wake forest library this afternoon/evening and finished off the night with an hour and a half of calculus and english studying skimming. i can’t take anymore. i need sleep. and this music is putting me in an emo mood. i hate it when this shit happens.

my brain won’t stop 02.23.04 | 9:00 PM | posted by whit
i’ve had so much on my mind lately. so much is happening after may comes along. after shane and grainger go back off again, i’m gonna temporarily go insane like last time. and after that, i have no clue what will happen.

this summer won’t be like every other summer, although i wish like hell it could be. instead of going back home and getting back on a regular sleep schedule and looking for my letter in the mail of my new schedule, i’ll be moving out, going to appalachian, and settling in for a brand new semester, and a whole new life in college. this thought scares the piss out of me. although i welcome the change, i’m still scared. i’m scared of not knowing what will happen. i know i have tons of friends at ASU but it still won’t ever be the same. i think everyone is right when they say grade school is easy, because you basically have everything handed to you, and although it comes with hard work and getting/losing jobs and all that responsibility, it can’t compare to leaving home and living on your own with someone you’ve never met and being hours away from what you’re used to. i never really have said i miss home, because everywhere i am lately feels like home to me. i’ve lived in this city for all 17½ years of my life, and it’s gonna be weird getting out of this place. i’m not sure if i really want to either, but i guess it’s one of those things you just have to do.

i’ve been sitting in front of this computer since about 4:00 when i got home and that’s pretty much all i’ve been thinking about. the same thing happened yesterday. it boggles my mind how much life changes. i remember when i was only 3 or 4 years old, sitting in my old house, eating popcorn out of one of those big tins cans with my mom, and i remember thinking, “college”, and i remember asking my mom what it was. as soon as she told me, i remember reassuring myself i was never going to go, because it sounded horrible, and scary, and i didn’t ever want to leave home or my parents, or the house i lived in, for that matter. lately, i’ve felt myself almost regressing back to that point, and wishing i could stay a kid forever. about an hour or two ago my mom walked in and said she wished i wasn’t growing up and that i would stay a little kid… not knowing that in my mind, i’ve been wishing the same thing for years.

for now, i’m just hoping college doesn’t suck and that it’s more fun than some of the things i’ve been hearing. and this summer better rock even harder than last year… or i won’t be a very happy camper.

on a lighter note, my mom and i just planned our spring break in orlando. we are gonna have so much fun. i think this will be the first time going to orlando without staying at a disney resort or going to disney world. instead, we’re going to universal studios islands of adventure and sea world, and staying at some sweet hotels, and it’s gonna be great. i’m ready to go back to florida!

i gotta go crack down on the homework. yuck. goodnight!

this bites 02.22.04 | 11:05 PM | posted by whit
i accomplished nothing today.

i miss shane. :(

=( 02.22.04 | 3:37 PM | posted by whit
last night was fun until it came time to say goodbye. grainger gave me a hug and i made him promise he’d write lots of letters, or i’ll kick his ass when he comes home. and then i cried like a baby. i was trying my hardest not to, but i suck at those kinds of things. grainger’s in charlotte and will be on his way to paris island tomorrow for 3 months to become a goddang marine. no shane, no grainger… this bites. may needs to come faster… graduation, shane comes home from korea for about 2 and a half weeks, and grainger comes home from boot camp for a little while. it’ll be summer, we’ll be goin’ to the beach, we’ll have evn more fun than last summer, and i’ll be stress free ’til college. thank god. i’m ready for some changes and i’m ready to see what’s in store for me. i’ve got a job interview and some offers on the table, and lots of opportunity ahead of me, and i’m gonna make the best of what i’ve got goin’ on right now. let’s just hope i don’t screw anything up.

you guys in king gotta make sure i don’t drive myself nuts. you know how it goes!

pictures are up 02.21.04 | 1:55 PM | posted by whit
pictures are up from this weekend :) man, we had a fun night. next year will be crazy! the pictures were taken on the lowest quality possible, so thomas–don’t whine at me to resize them ;) i am not resizing 80 pictures, biatch. fun times. i miss my boy, and i’m gonna miss grainger. =\

there will be new pictures after tonight’s fun!

SUHWEEET! 02.20.04 | 4:00 PM | posted by whit
dude… guess who beasted out a B on her chemistry test! HECK YEAH I DID! damn, i’m good. just had to get that out of my system! ha! i’m excited.

i’m off to get ready to go to boone! woooo this is gonna be a fun weekend. except grainger is leaving, but we’ll have lots of fun before he does leave, and then i shall cry. i’m gonna miss my buddy. i’m gonna get my junk together, change clothes, and i’m off to partttyyyyy!

be back later this weekend :D

it’s almost friday… 02.19.04 | 10:59 AM | posted by whit
thank god. this week has dragged on, and we had a day off and a delay. something is seriously wrong with that. the end of the year is so close! and it just won’t come fast enough!

tomorrow is going to be awesome, though. we’re all headed to siner’s new apartment in boone for grainger’s going away party! i’m so excited, ’cause the party is going to be fun, but i don’t want grainger to leave. he’s my buddy. sunday is his last day… so sad :(

i’m starting to get fed up with the parking back at career center. i was running late this morning. well, i was running early to begin with, but i had forgotten one of my notebooks and i had to turn around after i was already 2 minutes from career center and i drove back home. so i got to class at 8:07, instead of 8:05, and i got a tardy. woohoo! i had a note, but the teachers don’t really give a damn about that. too bad, so sad. i don’t care anymore. but back to my frustration… since i got there late, i got the shaft on parking spots. i could only really park where they told me to park, but since the parking people like to be difficult sometimes, they stuck me inbetween a whole ton of cars whose owners don’t leave career center until probably an hour or two later. yaaay! so i was pinned in. i had to bum a ride with stephen, who i have only spoken to probably once or twice in my whole life, and i’m not sure if he really even remembered that, so i felt a little awkward asking if i could get a lift with him back to west. but he’s a nice guy, and we had some interesting conversations. ha. and we listened to wutang. rock on! i hadn’t listened to that junk since freshman year. it brought back some horrible memories, i know that much. ’twas a fun ride back to west, to say the least. now i have to see if becky has her car back today, ’cause i’m her ride to career center in the afternoons, and if neither of us have our car at west, then we both have to bum a ride back to career center. grr…

i wanna go to lunch! i’m so hungry. this morning is dragging sooo slooowwwlyyyy.

get me out of heeeere! 02.18.04 | 10:46 AM | posted by whit
is anyone else as sick of school as i am? ’cause i’m about to lose my mind. we had an unexpected calculus test yesterday, and almost everyone in the class, as well as other periods, thought the test was supposed to be today, not yesterday. a lot of people think she told us that it was going to be the day after the review, which was supposed to be yesterday. oh well. a lot of people are saying they probably bombed it. i don’t want to know what the class average is. i don’t think i did too horribly bad, especially for taking it on 5 minutes cram time. it wasn’t as hard as i had expected it to be.

we had a wicked chemistry test this morning too. it was all multiple choice, which sucked. i hate her multiple choice tests. they’re so nit picky and the crappy part is, even if you do the problem the wrong way, she’s got the wrong answers listed. tricksy hobbitses! >=O

god, i’m so bored. i’m going to go find something to do. some piece of crap computer in this room always needs fixing. i don’t feel like going to the cafeteria.

blah 02.16.04 | 1:51 PM | posted by whit
i’ve been lacking the motivation to write anything halfway interesting. saturday was a blast, and i received another dozen pink roses :) and byrd’s little birthday get-together was great. we waited for about 2 hours at bennigan’s to get our food, but we kept ourselves occupied with byrd’s inflatable natalie portman date and endless games of hangman. we did, eventually, get our food, and we managed to fill up in less than 15 minutes. most of us hardly even ate, but oh well. the night ended back at thomas’s house and dale and dustan showed up, and tim and jamie were there. i decided to drive home instead of staying the night. i wanted to sleep in a bed and i didn’t wanna wake up early to drive home, so i just went back to my dad’s house. ’twas a good night. :) and a happy valentine’s!

i should probably get to the rest of my homework. i’m wondering if we’ll have school tomorrow. this snow is only good for days off, but nothing else.

yay :) 02.14.04 | 11:20 AM | posted by whit
i love valentine’s day :) i don’t care if you’re one of those people who calls it single awareness day. valentine’s day is always fun, even if you are single. who cares! friends make awesome valentines too.

© happy valentines day ©

i hope everyone has a great day. i’m gonna hit the shower and head over to my dad’s. :O i was so frustrated. i woke up 5 hours before school even started for no reason. so i just said screw it, and i went to class early, and i got a lot accomplished, surprisingly. i got to sit through 1st through 4th periods doing nothing. if i wanted to, i could’ve just gone into school at 12:45 and gone straight to english. i guess i’m just stupid, and i need to watch the TV when it rains in the winter. ha!

today wasn’t that thrilling either. first of all, i almost cremated myself this morning had i not seen the big, blue flames coming out of the hair dryer. i looked down, ’cause i could’ve sworn i saw smoke, and sure enough, the wires inside it were red hot and shiny and there were massive blue flames coming out the end. it reminded me of those guns from lilo & stitch, and i was like, whoa, kinda cool, but i don’t need to have all my hair burnt off. i found out i have a chemistry test tomorrow, even though we didn’t have class yesterday, which kinda surprised me. i’m sure i’ll have fun with that tomorrow. i skipped lunch and i did calculus during english class. kamran kept playing with my keychain in calculus and i just sat and got even more bored. today was just not my day, i guess. but, that’s okay. i’ll live. there’s always tomorrow. maybe i’ll totally own my chemistry test like last time… then i will be unstoppable :D

i’m off to pile myself in books on my bed and start doing the homework. i shall return to the computer in a few hours.

back at school 02.03.04 | 12:08 AM | posted by whit
well, today was certainly a change. i’ve been so used to going to sleep at 4-5 AM and waking up at 1-2 in the afternoon, so i was definitely dragging all day today. saturday/sunday i didn’t go to sleep until 6 AM, and since i woke up at 4 PM sunday afternoon, i couldn’t fall asleep ’til around 3 in the morning. i got up around 6, and 3 hours just doesn’t cut it on a school day. i’ll be back in the swing of things soon, i hope.

i’m kinda bummed out now. shane doesn’t get to come home for my graduation. his dates have been bumped back a week or so, so he’ll be home sometime after school’s out. at least he gets to come home