Making Progress

my apartment looks like a home now. :) i wish my camera wasn’t broken so i could take pictures. i’ll borrow someone’s until i buy a new one. my bedroom is my new favorite room. i must say, i made a hell of a choice on a mattress. it might be too comfortable because i never want to get out of it.

i have officially spent too much money on picture frames. o_0 in my defense, they are being used to frame prints i got made of my scandinavia trip. i picked some of my favorite photos and they look really nice.

i went to wal-mart and bought a cheap computer desk the day before yesterday. i picked the perfect day to do it (it was pouring down rain) and the desk weighed more than i do. i hope no one was watching me put it in my cart in the store. :mad: i’d finally muster up the strength to get the box off the ground and when i’d lunge to get it into the cart, the cart would roll away. same deal with trying to get it out of the cart and into my car-an even more ridiculous sight.

the best part was the stupid woman waiting for my parking spot. it seriously took me almost 15 minutes to get my cart unloaded and my car packed up. i went to put the cart in the cart return and she HONKS at me. what the hell? was that even necessary? it’s pouring. i’m clearly struggling. so i took my sweet time taking my cart back. :look: people are unbelievable.

OH! and my big news. wednesday i took my security+ certification exam at ECPI in north charleston. I PASSED! hooray! so now security+ = salary+ and i am no longer stressed out. :happy:

this is what i’ve been doing with my time since it’s rained for all but 3 of the days i’ve lived here so far. i’m hoping for good beach weather this weekend since 3 of my buddies are coming down today. 2 others came down last night and we hung out at my friends’ apartment in mount pleasant. their pool is so much nicer than the one at my apartment (mine is really nice. theirs just has palm trees and hammocks and all sorts of stuff). so nice that i decided was forced to go for a swim with my clothes on. :yell: