Home Sweet Home... ish

i’m all moved into my new apartment. well, almost. my bedroom set and washer/dryer comes tomorrow and i really hope they come earlier rather than later. update: home depot just called me and said they would be here between 1 and 5 tomorrow when originally i was told between 10 and 2. that pisses me off because i won’t get them until friday or next week now.

i told adam i’d go to the military ball with him and it’s tomorrow night at 5 and it takes 3 and a half hours to get to fort bragg from charleston. i have this feeling i’m going to be late after the movers put my bedroom set together, but i’m already planning on wearing my dress in the car on the way there so that should save me a little bit of time.

this is the bedroom set i got…

except it’s in an espresso finish so it’s more [this color](http://www.roomstore.com/common/product/ProductInfo.aspx?itemid=1379453&ChildId=1379441&xs=563da248169-407c-4b46-8b64-8450fdeffa27). i freaking love it. :look:
![Living Room/Kitchen](http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs018.snc1/4518_617208407538_29700336_36481418_6786942_n.jpg)
this is the view of my living room/kitchen if you’re standing in the middle of my living room. i need to get better pictures because i’ve cleaned up a bit and put pictures and paintings up since the day this picture was taken. i’m going to wait until my bed gets here so i can take pictures of the whole apartment. that’s my dad and my stepmom in the picture.

the kitchen is my favorite so far. i picked out all red, stainless steel appliances, a red clock, red cookware, and red plates and bowls. my mom bought me a set of 8 wine glasses that will look really nice. and i can’t forget my collection of jack daniel’s bottles on top of the fridge.

the living room will look better once i get something to put in the corner you can’t see in the photo. right now it’s holding all my extra computer crap and it’s a mess. i don’t really have anywhere to store anything yet since i’m waiting to unpack the rest of the mess when my dresser gets here. you walk into the apartment and everything looks somewhat established and then you hit the hallway and peek in the bedroom and i look like a crazy pack rat. there are still boxes and trash bags full of clothes everywhere.

i found wal-mart FINALLY (it’s hidden in the damn woods) and got a great deal on a TV. i bought this yesterday and this morning at 9 AM, the cable guy finally came. i am now being serenaded by 42 inches of keith anderson.

my new neighbors are awesome. :blush2: the guy across the hall is a big navy dude from queens, new york and i know exactly where i’ll be running should anything scary happen to me. i met about 12 other kids that live around here last night because they invited me to a party in one of the other buildings. i learned a new drinking game and i also learned that new neighbors are very generous with their whiskey. and everything, actually. they already took me out on their bikes and they’re taking me fishing sometime this week assuming it stops being nasty and cold outside.

so things are starting to feel a bit more normal. my face has slowly stopped breaking out (stress ruined it the last 2 weeks) and i’m getting in somewhat of a routine. i’ve also been eating better. i cooked spaghetti with meat sauce last night and i’ve been eating mangoes and cereal for breakfast. oh! and i made beer brats and red beans and rice and salad the day before yesterday. :grin: i just have to keep this up.

one of the neighbors (the one who took me out on his bike yesterday) works from 3-8 AM and works other really weird hours. because of the party at his place last night, he wasn’t going to get any sleep before he went to work. he asked if he could sleep on my couch so i said of course. evidently, he took that as an open invitation to plant his butt on my couch anytime. :mad: so he got off work at 8 AM, came BACK to my apartment, and sat on my couch and read cosmo and complained about me not being awake. i rolled around in my blanket and complained about how he was sitting on my couch jabbering while i was trying to sleep. and then the cable guy showed up and… i still didn’t get to sleep. now that my new TV is set up and i finally have internet, i don’t think i’ll ever sleep again.