Critters & First Day of Work

since living in charleston, i have had more run-ins with the local wildlife than i ever expected. so far the list includes:

  • 1 deer – loki saw it and went NUTS.
  • 1 otter
  • about 47328 frogs/toads
  • 1 red and black striped snake i killed it. i don’t want loki getting bit.
  • 1 giant dead crab – no idea where that came from…
  • 1 turtle – there are ponds all over my apartment complex.
  • 3 ducks – see “turtle”.
  • a ridiculous amount of spiders – thor and loki like to take turns eating these… :mad:

i guess that’s what happens when you live next to the woods. also, something got into my garbage last night and decided to eat the deviled eggs i threw away (i ruined them). deviled eggs don’t smell too good when they’re cooked on concrete in the south carolina sunshine.

i’ve also been having trouble keeping thor in line. i need to get him neutered but i have to wait until i get a paycheck to do that. there is a veterinary hospital about 1/2 a mile from my apartment and my neighbor said she takes her cat there and they are awesome, so that’s good news. but until then i have to make sure thor doesn’t get out. he has escaped 2 times and luckily has returned the next afternoon. i just don’t want him to get hurt out in the woods. :( especially not after seeing that snake.

in happier news, i start work tomorrow morning bright and early at 7AM!!!! i’m definitely wearing a suit the first day. that’s also the only option i have right now… heh. business casual and i don’t get along so well. business formal just looks so much better. i can’t pull of slacks like i can pull off a suit.

i’m pretty excited about starting work. everyone keeps asking if i’m nervous and i’m not, actually. not yet, anyway. i can’t wait to get into a routine and i can’t wait to meet everyone. :blush: i think that will be the most fun part of the experience–the new friends/co-workers.

anyway, i’m going to finish up working on a website. i want to get things wrapped up before i start working. wish me luck tomorrow!