in the last month, i have graduated from college, moved 5 hours away from an apartment in the “high country” with a view of the blue ridge mountains to an apartment in the “low country” where i can drive to the beach in 10 minutes and see the sun rising over ships every morning, and started a new career.

graduating was fun. scary, but fun. moving was nothing short of stressful. the new job is great so far, but i think it will get better when i see my first paycheck. in all honesty, being on my own like this scares the shit out of me. my dad says i’m doing ok, though. until he says otherwise, i am confident that i haven’t screwed up too much. :cry:

until now, i have never had bills. i am finally figuring out what it’s like to be an “adult”. i don’t feel like i will ever have the mindset of an adult, but evidently you still get the responsibilities of one no matter what.

i got my first cable bill in the mail. i purchased a washer and dryer and bedroom set. i purchased renter’s insurance. i actually got excited about buying a new vacuum the other day. i had never even thought about auto insurance until last week, and certainly never thought about my 401K.

last night i got into bed at 10 PM for probably the first time in over years (except for when i was sick) so i could wake up at 5 AM, shower, and drive to work in business casual (which, by the way, is not complete without an eyebrow ring :wink: ) while the sun was still coming up.

the scariest part was the first week of living here when i was getting ready to go to wal-mart. i caught myself walking around the apartment making sure the windows were locked, blinds were shut, candles were blown out, A/C was off, lights were off, and that everything that could be unplugged was unplugged. the little voice in the back of my mind kept saying, “the more you turn off, the lower your electric bill will be!”

it finally hit me when i walked into the kitchen and unplugged the can opener. i have officially turned into my mother. o_0