it's about time

adam called this afternoon and i couldn’t be happier right now unless he were here. i got to talk to him for nearly an hour it seemed. it might have been less but i was so excited to hear his voice i wasn’t really paying attention to anything else. once i start working again i’m gonna send him a bunch of stuff but until then i’m going to start writing letters to him. i like having something i can read over and over again, to keep with me.

i move back to boone saturday. mark finally called to let me know the room was ready. sooo, when my dad gets done doing all his work stuff we’re going to head up and get my stuff all unloaded. it’ll be nice to not be living out of a suitcase anymore… thank god. :biggrin: but i’m gonna miss hanging out at matt and byrd’s every night.

we decided yesterday at 2am that it was a good idea to go to myrtle beach. byrd and thomas and matt went in on a bet during darts that if byrd got a bulls eye then matt and thomas had to go to the beach with me and austin. austin got work off for the day and i obviously have nothing to do with everything up in the air like it is so byrd got a bulls eye and we were off, at 2AM, for myrtle beach. we got pulled over somewhere near rockingham or something like that because we “made an awkward right turn” but it was only because we thought that we missed our correct turn so we were going to turn around. one of the cops turned out to be a marine so he and matt kicked it off pretty well. the other cop was a turd and made me stay in the car until the guys were finished getting full body searches. the cops had a hard time believing that we were driving to the beach at such an ungodly hour and apparently thought we were stupid college kids drunk off our asses but we were entirely sober and that’s the funny part. we asked what we did wrong and they looked at us kind of like “well nothing really we’re just being assholes and feel like idiots now”. i wanted to knock their eyeballs back in their heads for looking at me the way they did and also for making me take my bra and underwear out of my pocket (i had a bathing suit on under my clothes) and dangling them in the air. GUNS AREN’T SQUISHY AND NEITHER ARE CRACK PIPES SO I’M PRETTY SURE THERE’S NOTHING ILLEGAL IN THERE. jerks. anyway, we got to myrtle after a mcdonald’s trip, 2 bathroom breaks, and a wal-mart run later. we were there at 6:30 AM and were on the beach by 7. we stayed out for a hell of a long time… buried eachother in big holes in the sand, looked for seashells, took a few waves to the face, piled eachother on shoulders 3 people high, austin almost got stung, i fell in a hole somewhere in the ocean and smashed my toe, and got thrown a lot. i took a bunch of pictures but i have to find my camera cord, it’s in 1 of 3 cars and it’s definitely not at this house so it’ll be a while. matt got some too but the pictures got messed up i think. does anyone know how to recover pictures from a memory card? the first like 25-30 pixels are the actual photo but the rest is grayed out… so any ideas, send them my way.

i’m watching a league of their own with my mom so i gotta go! i love you, adam!