adam called me this afternoon and although i’m half asleep right now and haven’t gotten out of bed even, i’m ecstatic. he called at noon and because i didn’t go to sleep until 7 in the morning, i was sleeping when he called and i missed it. but he left me a voicemail that said he misses me and loves me and will call again tomorrow. hearing his voice alone made my day/week/month and i will tape my phone to the side of my head if it comes to that. i love you, baby, and i’m oh so sorry i missed your call. i can’t wait to hear from you again.

pictures are up i think. i think they’re done. there are still some on my camera but i always procrastinate on getting those taken care of. pictures from the new england trip are up as well as video and lots from going to the pool at shawnee and tony’s. i’m going to put up some of loki’s pictures. i need new ones of me and her. she’s gotten a heck of a lot bigger.

i’m going to get my lazy ass out of bed. rodda’s in town and he and danny are wanting to hang out so i’m guessing that will include either mexican food or beer. or both. not entirely sure yet.