i just got finished taking my exam and my head hurts. i feel like i just regurgitated every bit of ITSM knowledge i had in me and i don’t think it will ever come back, either. i went over the test probably 6 times and i am not afraid to admit that there were questions on there i’d never seen or heard of in any form or fashion during our course. i found a list of 200 practice questions and answers online last night, a practice exam, and went over the three practice exams we’ve had in class with the answers, and there were still terms i’d never come across. :mad:

i’m in the computer lab in the business building (basically where i’ve lived the past 4 years) and i halfway expected the other people who took the exam to wind up in here like i did. i actually came down here to google some of the answers because i was curious to see how many i missed.

that was not the case. i think they all went straight from the test room to the bar because i’ve not seen a single one of them since walking out of that room. i guess that makes me the loser for still being here on a friday when i don’t have any friday classes and i’m done with my only responsibility for the day. :depressed:

nevermind, i just spoke to one of them on the phone and they are across the hall in the security lab (also, my other home) working on the lab that’s due tuesday. we won’t be here tuesday since we’re all going to virginia for interviews. i guess i’m not the only lame one here on a friday! woo! :drunk:

on a side note, here’s a video of loki and thor last night. they’re just so cute when they’re rough housing. thor at least tries to hold his own but loki is too big and goofy for such a little guy.