Antifreeze Fish

i found this article on digg about an ongoing project in antarctica studying the gamburtsev subglacial mountains and started reading through some of it. i somehow ended up on another web page that had articles and summaries of several antarctic and artctic expeditions/projects. something about this stuff absolutely fascinates me and i think that if i never went into computers, this is what i would have done. i have been reading that last website for the past two hours with my eyes as big as saucers.

this girl is just awesome. i clicked on her profile on the website to see what she did because she looked really young. turns out, she’s a grad. student and she’s already submitted her work to the scientific committee of antarctic research at a conference in russia in the hopes of initiating a sustainable toothfish fishery in antarctica.

![Antarctic Toothfish](
[this is her project on antifreeze fish]( and as awkward as that sounds, the article had me glued to my screen. it almost makes me want to switch majors.