Busy Week

this week is going to drain me.

let’s see… tomorrow i’ve got class at 9:30–my visual basic project is due. i have to finish the other half of it. i actually forgot about it until i said that. oops. class at 12:30 and 2:00, then security lab from 3:30-5. i’ll use that time to finish my lab and probably my VB project, too.

i have to get everything that i need for this week done by tomorrow because tuesday i’m leaving after my morning class to drive to virginia with 5 other guys for interviews all day wednesday. the company is putting us up in a nice hotel in abingdon and they’re taking us out to dinner at 6 so we have to be settled in and dressed to impress.

our interviews start at 10 AM wednesday morning. supposedly, we’re going to have 3 interviews and a presentation/panel discussion and then we’re going out to lunch. that should be a nice breather. 3 interviews back to back (after my experience the last month or so) are going to be intense.

we’re driving back wednesday evening and then thursday is mine and adam’s 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! i think thursday is my only “down” day. i still have class but i think that’s it. thank god.

on friday, AITP is taking a trip to cisco in charlotte again so i’ll be back in the car. it was a lot of fun last semester so i’m pretty excited. we’ll be gone all day friday, i think, since it’s roughly 2 hours away.

then… after 5 weeks of not seeing the love of my life… HE COMES HOME! i won’t get to see him until late friday or saturday, most likely. he’ll still be in arkansas friday and he’s supposed to drive back after sniper school is over with. he called me the other night and surprised me with the good news that he’s actually coming to boone on his way home and i almost cried i was so excited. i just wasn’t expecting him to go out of his way to do that. i think we’re driving back to fort bragg saturday, too, which means i’ll be driving back to boone sunday.

next week i am NOT driving anywhere. i’m gonna be burnt out. my car probably will be, too. i’m almost at the 100,000 mile point and i have yet to have a problem with my happy little plastic saturn after 4 years of use and 3 years of driving to fort bragg and back (knock on wood).

i just can’t wait until tuesday night when we get to stay in the hotel. hotel beds are so comfy and they give you like 9 pillows. and i just love the prospect of running around on my own for a bit. wandering around charleston taking myself out to dinner in my suit and staying at a hotel by myself made me feel grown up and sophisticated. SO exciting. hopefully virginia will be just as fun.